Willy Harris “A Raisin in the Sun”

Willy Harris “A Raisin in the Sun”

Mama, you understand it’s all divided up. Life is. Certainly. Between the takers and the “tooken.” Walter Lee Younger tells us this due to the fact that Willy has taken all of the household’s cash. In this story, Willy is the taker while the Younger household is the tooken. Willy is one of the small characters that stick out from the rest. Despite the fact that he was barely mentioned he is the most important. Moreover, he is the most important since he alters the whole setting for everybody.

Willy, Bobo, and Walter all share a typical interest. That typical interest is to open a liquor store. To open the alcohol store they each have to give their share of money which needs to equal 30,000 dollars. Given that they likewise share the truth that they do not have well paying jobs, they each need to give up there life cost savings. Everybody understands that Walter loves a fast plan and with him partnering with Bobo and Willy make the situation even worse. Additionally, this fast plan consists of all negatives and need to not be considered at all.

To be more particular, Willy Harris is one of Walter’s companions in his alcohol store service. Not only is he not every shown in the play, however likewise barely talked about. While this may true, he is still extremely important in this play. According to Willy even if you are organisation partners does not suggest you need to be loyal. Willy chooses to run off with everyone’s cash. This devastates everybody and alters the entire video game airplane for all and sundry. Right after Walter discovers what Willy did, he explains the distinction in between the takers and the tooken. Providing props to Willy, Walter informs us that he is a taker and that people should be more like him.

Each character is necessary in there own method but Willy Harris is most important. Out of all the couple of things he brings to the play, the most necessary one is that he adds suspense. With this sense of nervousness it includes flavor to the play, therefore, it makes the play more interesting. Willy assists draw out what the play is truly about. Simply put, A Raisin in the Sun is about the battles African Americans with through and without Willy the play would not be serving its purpose.

Simply put, every character in a play is necessary. Willy Harris was never ever seen in the play but yet, he includes height and anticipation to A Raisin in the Sun. Without him we readers would not understand the struggles the African American family had to go through back because time. As Walter stated, the world is divided between the takers and the “tooken” and Willy Harris was certainly a taker.

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