Walter Lee from “A Raisin in the Sun” Essay

The play a Raisin in the Sun is a play composed by Lorraine Hansberry. This story has to do with an African American family living in Southside Chicago. In the story, the household goes through many hardships particularly when it comes to money. The Younger family lives in an overcrowded house which has really little space for all of them. There is a $10,000 check coming from the insurance company for Walter Lee’s daddy’s death. He is the man of your house now and is determined to offer a better life for him and his family.

Which he determines at the end that cash is not whatever. Walter Lee is the head of the family and in the start of the play he seems to be incredibly bitter. He works for an abundant white male as a driver. This easily makes him bitter on the within due to the fact that he sees everyday what it resembles to be rich. You can tell this due to the fact that he tells Mom that he sees the rich white kids sitting down to eat every day and he knows they are discussing company or something about closing a million dollar offer. Walter Lee has had numerous service concepts in the past however they all seem to flop to the ground in a rush like humpty dumpty. When he creates the idea of entering into collaboration with some males to open a liquor shop his Mama is disturbed with him.

He ultimately persuades her into giving him a cut of the money from the insurer after she buys a home for them to move in to. When he provides the money to his partner for business, his partner runs with the cash and is not seen once again. This makes Walter mad and he goes off the deep end for a short quantity of time. The requirement of cash may be very important however it is definitely unworthy losing your household over. After the money is lost, Walter invites the white guy back to the apartment to discuss his offer and plans to accept the kickback to his family for them not to move. When the guy gets to the apartment, Walter alters his mind and informs the guy that they are going to move into the house either way. This makes his mom very pleased and she even states to Walter’s other half Ruth that “he lastly entered his manhood today.” This also specifies Walter Lee as a vibrant character in this story when he understood cash wasn’t whatever and altered in the end.

Walter Lee is a guy who is puzzled in the beginning and thinks to some level that money is whatever and has all power. The household supports Walter Lee however at times get mad at him due to the fact that they don’t comprehend why cash has to be everything. Walter’s dream has actually been to have cash and look after his household. He lastly comprehends in the end that his family is the most essential thing there is, not cash.

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