Value of Education in Frankenstein

Worth of Education in Frankenstein

One single person can not place a worth on education. Each individual holds his or her own viewpoint of the worth of it. Some believe highly of education and treasure it, while others take it for granted and do not recognize how much power it provides. Mary Shelley shows several different point of views on the importance of discovering in her unique Frankenstein. In the unique, each character reveals a distinct viewpoint of the worth of education. Victor Frankenstein’s life and actions reveal how he valued education. Victor participates in the University of Ingolstadt where he studies viewpoint and science.

He significantly enjoys his research studies and presses himself to read more. In these research studies, he achieves the understanding required to give life to inanimate items. Victor takes his fantastic discovery and puts it to a bad use. He produces a monster that torments him till his death. Victor takes advantage of his understanding, unknowing of the power he holds, and utilizes it to unintentionally cause damage. The beast’s story likewise communicates a message of the value of education. His story shows that without education, one can not interact with the remainder of the world.

The animal needs to teach himself to read, compose, and speak by observing the behaviors of the home occupants. The monster shows the highest value of education of all of the characters in the book. He, who understands nothing whatsoever, shows the reader that education proves needed to make it through worldwide. Furthermore, Henry Clerval’s involvement in the story contributes to the overall message of the worth of education. Henry, like the beast, worths education highly. He feels that learning informs the soul. Henry adores using languages and the feelings it can stimulate from an individual.

He appreciates the charm of the art of writing. Henry makes every effort to achieve understanding and sees importance in going to excellent lengths to receive an education. The novel Frankenstein shows how different people hold various worths of education. Victor, the Monster, and Henry all have distinct opinions of it. The Monster and Henry both treasure and think highly of it, while Victor does not realize the power education offers and uses his understanding in a reckless way. Regardless of one’s own value of education, it is obvious that it is needed to survive in the world.

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