Utopia, Napoleon and Animal Farm

Paradise, Napoleon and Animal Farm

An utopia is what most societies aim for. It is a perfect society in which everybody is equal. However, it is extremely difficult to attain due to the human corruption that is developed to serve the individuals. In the novel, “Animal Farm,” the author, George Orwell, highlights how Napoleon and the other pigs were the ones accountable for the decay of a paradise into a dystopia. The author revealed that through the pigs abusing their power, taking advantage of the animals’ absence of intelligence and by altering the laws of Animalism. Initially, the pigs weakened the paradise into a dystopia by abusing their power.

The pigs did not strive and they left all the tough labour for the other animals. This was revealed when “The pigs didn’t actually work, but directed and supervised the others” (45 ). Due to the truth that the pigs were the most intelligent animals on the farm they obtained the management position, which provided the pigs a great chance to abuse their power. The truth that there was a group of animals that worked really difficult and another group that not did anything besides ‘directing and supervising’ caused terrific inequality on the farm. Furthermore, not just did the pigs not work but they also stole the resources and the other animals’ productions.

This was shown when “So it was agreed without additional argument that the milk and the windfall apples must be reserved for the pigs … all barley would be booked for the pigs … But the pigs seemed comfortable enough, and in reality were putting on weight if anything” (44-117). Due to the pigs taking all the resources and the food, there was insufficient food for the animals. The pigs did refrain from doing their work, that is keeping the well-being of the farm, and they also did not bear the consequences which were not having enough food or cash.

In truth, they were extremely comfortable and had no hint what the animals were going through of hunger and hard labour. By abusing their power, the pigs went against the concept of an utopia, which is equality for all. Second, the pigs degraded the utopia into a dystopia by taking advantage of the animals’ absence of intelligence. The pigs did this by eliminating everybody that opposed them and silencing everyone that had any doubts about what is happening by frightening them. This was shown when “They were the same four pigs as had objected when Napoleon eliminated the Sunday Meetings …

The 3 hens who had actually been the ringleaders in the attempted disobedience over the eggs came forward and stated that Snowball had actually appeared to them in a dream and prompted them to disobey Napoleon’s orders. They, too, were butchered” (93 ). By blaming Snowball for all the ‘criminal activities’ the animals did, Napoleon convinces the animals that killing all the ‘traitors’ would make Animal Farm a better place. Napoleon ruined one of the essences of an utopia, which is flexibility for all. He eliminated the animals’ liberty of revealing their opinion and turned the farm into a dictatorship.

However, due to the animals’ lack of intelligence they do not see that what Napoleon is doing is making their farm even worse not better. This was revealed when Fighter stated “I don’t comprehend it. I would not have actually believed that such things could happen on our farm. It needs to be because of some fault in ourselves” (94 ). Not just did they not see what the pigs were turning the farm into but they likewise blamed all the problems on themselves. Furthermore, the pigs utilized different propaganda methods to encourage the animals that whatever that they were doing was for the animals’ advantages.

The pigs utilized the approach of lower of 2 evils to convince the animals. This was shown when Squealer said “A lot of us do not like milk and apples … It is for your sake that we consume that milk and apples … certainly there is nobody amongst you who wishes to see Jones return” (52 ). The pigs utilized the concept that they are working for the benefit of the animals to justify all their dictatorship actions. They scheduled the milk, barley and apples for themselves, didn’t strive sufficient and eliminated all animals that opposed them and then validated it with that they are doing it for the animals’ sake.

Also, the reality that the line “definitely no one would wish to see Jones return” (52-80) was repeated many times throughout the novel has a terrific significance. The pigs are trying to convince the animals with the idea that if the pigs do refrain from doing what they are doing then Jones would return. By killing everyone that opposed them and utilizing different propaganda strategies, the pigs took advantage of the animals’ lack of intelligence, which result in the declination of a paradise into a dystopia.

Last but not least, the pigs degraded the paradise into a dystopia by changing the laws of Animalism. The pigs changed the seven commandments which were set by the animals, right after the disobedience. This was revealed when Clover and Muriel started seeing the modification in rules which was “No animal will consume alcohol to excess … No animal shall kill another animal without cause … No animal will oversleep beds with sheets … Four legs good, 2 legs much better” (79-132). By altering the rules, Napoleon altered the whole idea of animalism.

He developed his own guidelines that would be beneficial for the pigs just. Nevertheless, what was a fantastic juncture from an utopia into a dystopia was the reality the Napoleon eliminated the seven rules and replaced them with one rule that was “All animals are equivalent. Some animals are more equivalent than others” (133 ). That rule revealed Napoleon’s real intents, which was to preserve his power and authority over the animals and showed that Animal farm was no longer a paradise and in reality was a dystopia due to the fact that not everyone was equal.

Furthermore, Napoleon turned Animal Farm into a republic, which illustrates how Napoleon wants to make himself higher than all other animals. The idea of Animalism was that the animals are the government; they make their own guidelines and look after their own welfare. However, the concept of a republic is that there is one president that does all those things. By turning animal farm into a republic, Napoleon separated himself from the other animals and developed a government that would serve him not the animals.

By changing the 7 rules and turning Animal Farm into a republic, Napoleon turned Animal Farm from a paradise into a dystopia. In conclusion, Napoleon and the pigs were the ones responsible for the decay of a paradise into a dystopia. They achieved that by abusing their power, making the most of the animals’ lack of intelligence and by changing the laws of Animalism. That proved that utopia is very hard to accomplish despite the fact that it is what most societies go for.

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