Transcendentalism and the Hunger Games Essay

Transcendentalism is a lifestyle in which one aims to rise above and reach a level of perfection. Transcendentalists believe in self-reliance, non-conformity, individualism, simplicity, the greatness of nature, and God being within oneself. Transcendentalism is often represented in contemporary pop-culture; a strong example of this is The Cravings Games. The book depicts the life of Katniss Everdeen, a character who has lots of transcendental qualities. The Hunger Games displays many transcendental values and reveals that living a transcendental life is favorable and will enhance one’s lifestyle.

Nature is a significant transcendental worth which both Emerson and Thoreau grow off of. Emerson stated in “Nature”, “In the existence of nature, a wild delight goes through the guy, in spite of real griefs” (Emerson 182). This quote exhibits the transcendental belief that nature is fulfilling, in spite of outdoors tension and troubles. In The Cravings Games, Katniss finds convenience and joy in nature. She utilizes nature as an escape from truth and the problem of her life.

She spends as much time as she can in the woods and worths every moment that she is provided the chance to embrace the tranquil qualities of nature. In the book, Katniss displays her gratitude of nature frequently. For example she states, “Being in the woods is invigorating. I’m pleased for the privacy” (Collins 107). She is most comfortable and happy in the woods. Katniss is positively influenced by nature throughout the book and it helps keep her sane during the competitors. Although nature is what kept Katniss sane, the federal government, which she hates with a passion, is what stresses her out the most in her life.

Henry David Thoreau was a major leader of the transcendental motion who composed lots of essays and books displaying his beliefs and viewpoints. Among Thoreau’s many well-known transcendental qualities is his hatred of the government, which he writes about in “Civil Disobedience”. Thoreau provides his belief that the government is useless by saying, “Federal government is finest which governs not at all” (Thoreau 212). Katniss Everdeen shares in Thoreau’s beliefs and has a strong hatred towards the federal government in which she lives under.

The federal government she lives under, led by the Capitol, is a police state. They are really vicious and they try to control every element of individuals’s lives. Katniss says, “Taking the kids from our districts, requiring them to kill one another while we enjoy– this is the Capitol’s method of reminding us how totally we are at their mercy” (Collins 17). This shows simply how controlling and daunting the federal government of her society is. Katniss expresses her hate for the Capitol when she states, “It’s the Capitol I dislike, for doing this to everybody” (Collins 166). Katniss hates the government and how they operate, simply as Thoreau and other transcendentalists do.

Another major transcendental worth that Thoreau tensions and follows is simpleness. He goes over simpleness numerous times in Walden, saying “Simpleness, simpleness, simpleness! I say, let your affairs be as 2 or three, and not a hundred or a thousand; rather of a million count half a lots, and keep your accounts on your thumbnail” (Thoreau 196). Thoreau believed that you need to live merely in order to go beyond. Katniss demonstrates simplicity by living her life with minimal resources. She also towers above the luxurious way of life of those who reside in the Capitol. Living merely advantages Katniss since it makes her recognize and appreciate the things that actually matter in her life, specifically her household. Also, Katniss’ lifestyle of living simply is a major factor in her personality and highly represents non-conformity and individualism.

2 transcendental worths that go together are non-conformity and individualism. Transcendentalists think in being one’s own individual and not appreciating what anyone else thinks or does. Thoreau says, “If a man does not equal his companions, possibly it is since he hears a various drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, nevertheless determined or far” (Thoreau 204). Thoreau is motivating each specific person to be his or her own specific self, and not follow in the steps of anybody else. Transcendentalists likewise think that individuals must refrain from doing something or believe in something even if the rest of society does.

Katniss display screens non-conformity and individualism since when she arrives in the Capitol and throughout the book she stays real to who she is and does not let individuals of the Capitol or the other homages get to her. During the time in which she is in the arena Katniss never alters the factor she wishes to win the appetite games, for the advantage of her household. This differs from the majority of the other tributes, who only want to win for the title of victor. Katniss’ lifestyle of non-conformity and individualism advantages her since throughout the hunger video games she never misplaces who she is, and in the end this led to her winning the appetite games and making it through.

The last transcendental value that Katniss has is self-reliance. The transcendentalists thought that being self-reliant and doing work for oneself will bring joy to one’s life. In The Hunger Games Katniss is very self-reliant. At her home in District 12 Katniss hunts her own food for herself and her family. Katniss was specifically required to end up being self-reliant when her daddy passed away in the mines, her household’s primary source of income was gone. Katniss states, “I took control of as head of the household.

There was no option” (Collins 23). Also, in the cravings video games Katniss is alone for most of the competition and therefore is reliant on herself for making it through in the wilderness. Katniss lives her life relying on no one and doing everything for herself, which is all she has actually ever known. If Katniss was not self-reliant, she would not have actually had the ability to make it through the appetite video games because she would not understand how to hunt food or defend herself versus hazards. Being self-reliant benefits Katniss since she can fend for herself and she is not based on anyone else for anything.

The Hunger Games is a prime of example of transcendentalism in modern-day pop-culture. Katniss Everdeen has lots of transcendental qualities, which have a favorable result on her life and ultimately result in her survival of the appetite games. The Hunger Games displays numerous transcendental values and reveals that living a transcendental life is favorable and will enhance one’s lifestyle.

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