Tragic Fall of Oedipus Rex: Self-Inflicted or Fate

Terrible Fall of Oedipus Rex: Self-Inflicted or Fate

More evidence of his self-inflicted failure Oedipus’ was at the hands of his own ignorance. This lack of knowledge integrated with his tubbier, figured out attitude does not allow him foresight. This insight would have caused some restraint in his decision and rash actions. Such an example would be his blatant overlooking Of Terriers’ subtle ideas as to why he holds his tongue, “It is due to the fact that I see your words, sir, tending/To no good end; for that reason I protect my own.

However Oedipus’ self-assurance leads Oedipus to think that the evidence presented before him by the blind prophet Terriers is utter nonsense and turns the blame instead upon him. This ignorance is unclear to Oedipus as he is still riding his splendid idle service he conjured to conserve the city. However, his hastiness is later changed by his insecurity and self-doubt during the nonaggression when the light is shed on his lacking investigative skills. In addition to this ever so evident rashness Oedipus then over steps even his own bounds by directing the investigation solely.

Prior to collecting even collecting any witness or proof Oedipus is quick to draw not just conclusions regarding newly found suspect status, however even worse establishes a wicked con reference between 2 extremely not likely suspects, “Have you the face to stand prior to my door/Proved plotter versus my life, hive of my Croon then tries to warn Oedipus about his condemning, “To slur an excellent man’s name/With unwarranted slander is one crime- another/l’s rashly to error bad guys for great./ Cast out a sincere friend, and you cast outpour life, your dearest treasure. [page] As Croon attempts to persuade him to go about things in a more timely, and sensible method Oedipus hears none of it and still pursues his march of getting to the bottom laying the blame somewhere else all along the method. As Croon and Terriers both note suggestions to Oedipus’ involvement he still pursues additional investigation thou the littlest factor to consider at his own guilt. This lack of foresight, and understanding again is another cause to Oedipus’ self-inflicted downfall.

However, there are numerous aspects that contribute his failure that he might not have avoided and were genuinely acts fate and fate. His self- guarantee to his wisdom that was reproduced by his “mother-wit and not by bird- lore” (as he takes a stab at Terriers pig 37) actually comes to surface throughout his encounter with a riddling Sphinx. This inflated view Of his wisdom later on causes his downfall. However it was just by fate that he ignorant Oedipus was granted a IQ freebie from the Sphinx.

By addressing his riddle he stepped onto the course towards his soon to be put on the Thebes throne. In addition to the Sphinx, the adoption of Oedipus when he was young and deserted into your home of Polyp’s was too just a synergies consider his increase to Kingship. Had he been born and raised by the Sheppard who discovered him, then his status would have refrained him heavily from succession his dad. This too was an act of fate, and at the childhood of just a few weeks, Oedipus had no state onto the events that were to come.

Furthermore the choice by the moms and dads to cast him away, and not to eliminate him provided a suitable window to Oedipus to carry out the later events that were to come. Jotas notes that” [Oedipus] was not 3 days old when [Louisa cast it out with riveted ankles/To die on the empty mountain-side.” [page] This choice to initially, not have the job done themselves and 2, not done correctly was the only reason that the infant made it through and became what he was. In addition fate once again played an essential function in the Oedipus’ death.

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