Things Fall Apart Themes and Motifs Essay

Things Fall Apart Themes and Motifs Essay

Ascio 1 Aidan Ascio Mrs. Blocher Formality English II 20 February 2014 Brace Yourselves … White Guys Are Coming 9. Symbol: Locusts can represent numerous items in the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, 2 of which are the arrival of white men and the breaking of tradition. “Initially, a fairly small swarm came. They were the precursors sent out to survey the land” (Achebe 48). This is how the locusts first arrived and the white guys arrived in a comparable fashion. Even in chapter 15 does the oracle state the white males are locusts.

In the beginning it was just one white man on a bike. After him came a more abundant amount of white guys. Similar to the locusts with their nutrition, the white guys bring culture and custom. When cultures link some tradition is forgotten while new culture can be accepted. Locusts were heavy enough as a swarm to break even the mightiest of tree branches. This symbolizes how the white men broke the custom of the native African individuals. “And a last the locusts did descend. They settled on every tree and on every blade of grass; they picked the oofs and covered the bare ground. Mighty tree branches broke away under them” (Achebe 49). Many customs and culture was fractured by the white guys. Faith being a huge part of culture was even broken. People with lower social class discovered Christianity more appealing than their current faith. The more individuals who sign up with the white men break their own culture more and more. Locusts genuinely signify the coming of white guys who bring absolutely nothing however damage. Ascio 2 1. Own Style: Fate and Freewill

Things Break Down Themes And Motifs

Chinua Achebe reveals a strong screen of the theme fate and freewill in the novel Things Fall Apart. A male’s destiny in figured out by his chi, or personal god, whether he is suggested for fortune or damage in the book. Okonkwo challenges this sometimes, and he tries to make his own fate. As a young man Okonkwo works exceptionally difficult for the success he presently has. “Okonkwo was clearly cut out for excellent things. He was still young but he had actually won fame as the greatest wrestler in the nine towns” (Achebe 5). Regardless of his difficult beginnings, Okonkwo is still etermined too pull out on top. No matter how difficult Okonkwo works, his rash choices can alter his whole entire life. Okonkwo has actually made several life changing decisions in his life, the majority of them are for the worst though. His very first choice was eliminating Ikemefuna even after warnings from close ones stating not to. This took a terrific psychological toll on Okonkwo. He began to reveal that cared and he had feelings. This sustained his anger a lot more causing him to be more rash and violent. His second decision of killing Ekeudu’s boy had a more tangible penalty.

While it was still an accident, his fate brought misfortune to himself and his household. His last and fatal choice was his own suicide. “Then they pertained to the tree kind which Okonkwo’s body was dangling, and they stopped dead” (Achebe 178). This brings his fate into cycle. He attempted altering his fate and ending up being successful and strong, but in the end his bad luck returns eliminating his status, pride, and life. The style fate and freewill is extremely dominant crazes Fall Apart revealing fate constantly wins over freewill.

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