Things Fall Apart: Okonkwo Character Analysis Essay

Things Break Down: Okonkwo Character Analysis Essay

In the unique Things Break down, strength and pride are really important aspects of the main character, Okonkwo, however, these traits might seem like exceptional qualities to have but since of the method he was raised, Okonkwo harbours many of his emotions under an outer shell of violence, strength and pride.

His characteristics can be shown by taking a look at where he has come from in his life, for example, Okonkwo has gotten a large quantity of wealth in his life since of his hard work and dedication which he likewise puts towards his family, unfortunately, his family also suffers greatly because of this due to Okonkwo’s high expectations of his children and his violent ways when they do not measure up to them. Second of all, Okonkwo has surprise emotions that resemble his daddy’s however he resides in rejection that he is anything like his daddy however he is more like him than he thinks.

Last but not least, Okonkwo is driven by what his father is not because Okonkwo doesn’t wish to be anything like his dad which causes him to make rash decisions periodically that could make him carelessly end up being violent. In this essay, Okonkwo’s character will be carefully evaluated and his numerous layers of character will become clearer. Okonkwo has actually been through many hardships in his life consisting of being dealt with inadequately by his dad who he considers as an anti-role design in a manner which has greatly influenced the method he is now and how he treats himself and his people mates.

To start with, his continuous desire to be as remote from his dad as possible has produced the worry of being like him or polluting his life with laziness and irresponsibility which lets him focus his time on his tribe mates and household. Secondly, Okonkwo has actually determined the method his father raised him and he is continuously attempting to raise his household in a different way however occasionally lets worry get the best of him and he begins to act violent.

Lastly, Okonkwo’s choice to take in Ikemefuna and keep him in his family demonstrates how he is accepting of others and wants to accept another kid, something his father most likely would not have done. Okonkwo’s daddy plainly had a strong influence on his life and the decisions Okonkwo makes reveal his differences from his daddy. Okonkwo’s harbouring of his nostalgic emotions is a crucial part of his personality that makes him the method he is, for example, Okonkwo dislikes music ecause of the feeling that is needed to develop it, he declines the idea of meaningful discussion due to the fact that he considers it to be soft, and as he ages, he is rejecting the progressively obvious fact that violence does not make up self-confidence. First of all, it is exposed in the novel that Okonkwo does not like music and that he is bad at playing it which shows that he does not have the ability to reveal his emotions through listening to or creating music.

Furthermore, Okonkwo’s perfects of not liking discussion and considering them weak goes against the mindset of his town which thinks that “discussion is related to really extremely, and sayings are the palm-oil with which words are consumed.” Finally, as Okonkwo gets older, he is gradually realising that his violent ways are not really making him a strong individual however are in truth, slowly damaging him but Okonkwo refuses to accept this and continues with his violent attitude.

Okonkwo has problem exposing his true emotions advertisement although they exist, he would never express them to anybody. Okonkwo might try to act “manly” and strong when in the presence of others, however Okonkwo does have nostalgic feelings that he claims to consider as weak which make up a vital part of him. First of all, when Okonkwo is told that Ezinma is dying, he becomes worried and afraid of her passing away and he evens begins to search for medicines in order to help her improve and defies the gods by following Chielo to the cavern of the oracle to be sure that his daughter will be ok.

Likewise around this time in the book, Okonkwo goes to Ekwefi and sits with her while Ezinma is taken into the cavern of the oracle which reveals that he appreciates his other half’s sensations in spite of his general bitterness towards his wives. Lastly, Okonkwo’s feelings of unhappiness and sorrow when Ikemefuna passes away shows that he is capable of unhappiness and love of his kids, even ones who aren’t straight his. Okonkwo’s manly exterior does not reflect his interior feelings and the troubles he has actually experienced in his life certainly effect this.

Okonkwo is a very intricate character that has actually experienced many difficulties in his life which have made him a really bitter person on the outdoors however still a kind hearted person on the inside. Okonkwo understands what is right and looks out for individuals he cares about, however, his training, his “strong” mindset, and his views on life have all distorted his personality to be much colder than how he truly is.

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