Things Fall Apart (Coming of White Men)

Thing Fall Apart Chinua Achebe Discuss how the coming of the White men makes Umuofia “break down”. Refer to the religious, financial, political and social impact of the British culture on the traditions of the clan. As the novel opens, we are familiar with Umuofia, one of Igbo’s 9 towns, as an arranged however somehow various civilization.

Chinua Achebe represents life in this town as rough and harsh, conveying to the readers that only brave men would be successful in it. As said prior to, even though these civilizations are stereotyped and seen as primitive, we can clearly see that their lives are completely balanced in between faith and order.

It is actually amazing to see how such a different way of living, to what we think and view as the typical life, might be as much and even more arranged than ours. Despite the fact that both civilization are completely organized and function completely well, they might never ever live together in consistency. One would wind up consuming the other as they were not indicated to exist side-by-side. We might believe we are educating and assisting “uncivilized males”, but we are in fact disintegrating their beliefs, their company, their politics and their language. We are not aiding them, however destroying their religious beliefs and their society.

We are, simply put, eliminating their culture. A culture that will be lost permanently. Thus, we might state, that in many ways the coming of White guys made Umuofia “fall apart”. To begin with, the coming of the white men made Umuofia broke down as their religious beliefs was considerably affected. The village of Umuofia was sustained by their beliefs and their gods, who criticized and punished the lazy men and those who were not worthwhile of worshipping them. Therefore the coming of a new monotheist and more tranquil faith brought substantial modifications in some of Umuofia’s crucial traditions.

These white males questioned most of Umuofia’s beliefs such as the dangers that populated the evil forest by setting their livings there. This very first action brought excellent debate in the clan as people thought that whoever remained in the forest for a particular amount of time would painfully pass away. The resistance these white guys revealed to that “evil force” led lots of people to get interested in the new faith. People suddenly started questioning their own beliefs and customs, questioning why they need to venerate gods who were bound to penalize, and not one God who was merciful towards mankind.

The village divided in to those who remained unfaltering to their customs, and those who began to embrace the new ones. Society entirely turned over after these occasions. Those who developed into Christianity were seen as the elite of the society. The clan was getting weaker and weaker every day, as a growing number of individuals turned into Christianity. The time quickly come that the clansmen had inadequate forces to manage the missionaries. They ought to have reacted before, however just the banished Okonkwo was brave enough to face the white men.

Hence, we might conclude that the imposition of a brand-new religion badly harmed the town by, splitting it in two, decreasing their forces and their going to fight, and showing the majority of their beliefs false. Summarizing this, it enormously compromised the most effective and feared clan of the nine towns. Financially, Umuofia was also affected by the arrival of white males. Hitherto, Umuofia had actually provided us a hierarchical society, were men who revealed to be brave, hard employees and strong enough, inhabited the highest locations in society, while lazy and unmanly men were found at the bottom of the pyramid.

Considering that, the missionaries showed up, things reversed, the lazy and humble guys who decided to accept and worship the brand-new god started to get richer and richer, while the difficult worker farmers were left behind. Money began circulating in the tribe however only those who turned into Christianity had it. Thus, no one interested in trading, and so, farmers were getting poorer every day. We might say that Umuofia was not ruined economically but it was greatly impacted, some suffered a lot of it, however some others were benefited by these changes. The arrival of the white men also resulted in huge modifications in the town’s politics.

They subjected the villagers to their own judicial system and guidelines, imposing an exceptionally different and harsh government over them. As white guys didn’t respect nor understand the clan’s custom-mades, numerous guys were punished for following their “uncivilized” customs. In chapter twenty one Okonkwo goes over with Obierika about Aneto, who was recently hanged by the government after he eliminated a male with whom he had a dispute. Plainly the brand-new ruling system didn’t take into consideration old custom-mades. It is completely right actually, to penalize a killer, or any type of criminal, however by doing so we are destroying their customizeds and their customs.

When Enoch unmasked an Egwugwu, considered to be the highest possible criminal activity in Umuofia, the church did nothing, as again, they didn’t appreciate their custom-mades. Unmasking an Egwugwu in Umuofia is as much or perhaps more extreme than eliminating a man is for the white men, it can just be compared with eliminating a god. As soon as again, the new government does not punish this occasion. This is a fantastic example of how, Umuofia was left weak and subjected to the white guys ruling. We can see now, that they are not trying to make Umuofia a more civilized village, but a more British one.

Hence we might conclude that by imposing a brand-new government who disregards their customizeds, the coming of the white guys are making Umuofia break down. Lastly, culturally Umuofia likewise broke down thanks to the arrival of the white guy. The new comers introduced a school, which taught their own rules, their beliefs, and their culture. They educated more youthful villagers that way, so that they could later on control them more quickly. They were sort of brain washed to believe and trust whatever they do. Education is not bad, obviously, however they were not educating them to be much better and more smart villagers, they were informing them to be other persons.

They altered their minds. Young boys were dragged out of farming into the school. In other words, they were dragged out of their lives, from whom they truly are. Another cultural change enforced by the white guys were health centers, we can’t say that’s something bad, however that is not how Umuofia is. When we state that it “fell apart”, we are not in fact stating that whatever failed for them, that all changes were bad. Some, like the intro of healthcare facilities in the tribe, were really a massive improvement.

Indeed, a few of the politics imposed do try to make Umuofia a “much safer” place, where killing is penalized, and leaving twins in the forest to die is viewed as an abomination. That’s completely great, they might be enhancing in some ways their lives, but the culture, the old customs, their beliefs, whatever was lost. Everything Umuofia was, all of a sudden eradicated. Whatever it represented, their gods, their traditions, and their culture were damaged. No one left to safeguard their customs, nobody delegated appreciate them. Just memories were left of Okonkwo, Umuofia and their old lives. Everything Umuofia was … broke down.

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