Things Fall Apart: Chapters 15-25

Chapter 15

The chapter is set throughout the 2nd year of Okonkwo’s exile. Obierika goes to visit him, bringing bags of cowries. Okonkwo, Uchendu, and Obierika reverse in Okonkwo’s hut and Obierika brings news of a tribe’s downfall, Abame.

The tribe had actually been totally eliminated by white men.

The clan stumbled upon a single white man on an iron horse and were shocked to hear him speaking a various language than them. When they consulted their oracle about the guy, the oracle mentioned to eliminate the man as the white man would ruin their town. After killing him, they bound his iron horse to a tree, for they feared it would run away and inform more what happened. A group of 3 white males then found the clan later on and saw the tied up iron horse, they rapidly ran away.

The next early morning, the town was surrounded and butchered, so the oracle’s vision became a reality. Okonkwo rages they would kill a man who stated absolutely nothing. The fear of white men has actually grown in the characters. Obierika inform Okonkwo about the occasions in their village and states he is going to keep gathering and selling yams off of Okonkwo’s farm and give him the cowries from it, which is why he carries the bags of them.

Chapter 16

The chapter happens another two years after the last, a total of four years of his exile have actually now passed, where Obierika again visits Okonkwo with more unpleasant news. White missionaries have settled in Umuofia and are actively attempting to transform the clansmen to their religious beliefs. He then notifies Okonkwo that Nwoye is one of the ones listening to their words. Obierika is reclaimed to when it first happened, Nwoye tells him he listens to them due to the fact that he finds their songs soothing to listen to.

The white males use a translator from a various dialect to spread their religion, many of their words get twisted. The males of Mbanta completely ignored their word after the white guys said all of their gods were fake and not the one real god. Okonkwo believes the missionaries are crazed by Obierika’s stories and hopes the rest of the village thinks so also, as he wishes to chase them out with the men of Mbanta.

Chapter 17

The white men don’t plan to leave, as they appear to constantly preach about their God. They eventually ask land to construct their church on, and the rulers of Mbanta provide a section of the Evil Forest as a joke. The men aren’t phased by the evil spirits in the forest and start clearing land to construct on. The villagers expect them to pass away within 28 days, as that is constantly limit amount of time the gods will permit males to do as they please before killing them.

When the men don’t die, move people convert. Nwoye only ever remains outside the church and never ever goes inside from fear his father will discover. Every Sunday, Mr. Kiaga, the interpreter, welcomes the village to worship. Okonkwo becomes aware of his boy befriending many of the white males, and beats him severely. Uchendu gets here in the middle of the whipping and makes Okonkwo stop.

Nwoye then leaves and moves to Umuofia to sign up with the white’s school, however promises to return for his mother, bros, and sis. Okonkwo blames his chi and bad fortune for all of this, while telling himself Nwoye wasn’t worth assisting. Okonkwo seems to believe Christianity weak and effeminate, so with his morals and personality, he finds it outright.

Chapter 18

The 2 groups, Mbanta and Christians, start to have confrontations and some fights break out as the influence of the Christians grow. Converts and villagers threaten each other backward and forward, the converts get beaten terribly. The white men likewise begin using their government systems to the people, they prosecute Igbo for eliminating converts and missionaries. The church begins accepting castaways and rapidly end up being a few of the most effective.

The most unimaginable crime, killing the royal python, is found dead. The elders make all Christians criminals to the land. Okoli, the suspected killer, is discovered dead to an illness. The clansmen think this is their gods fighting back, so they don’t take any additional actions against them, as they believe the gods will settle this entire conflit for them.

Chapter 19

As Okonkwo’s banishment years are coming to an end, he is sorry for how he spent his time. As Okonkwo nears the last month of his banishment, he commemorates with the people of Mbanta. Okonkwo brings substantial quantities of food, so much that it’s comparable to a wedding event celebration. Okonkwo likewise sends cash to Obierika to begin developing huts for him in Umuofia so he belongs to remain when he returns.

Okonkwo says the feast is simply for everyone to fulfill, however it is mainly just for a program of gratitude for taking him in for seven years. Nearing completion of the gathering, an older alerts the kids, as he notices kinship is ending up being rarer and much less prominent. This permits Christianity to overcome them and ruin their faith. He then thanks Okonkwo for his show of generosity.

Chapter 20

Okonkwo recognizes that he’s been far from his clan for so long, he has most likely lost all his power and titles in the clan. Despite this, he has extremely high expectations of himself and is identified to gain back all of it and more upon returning. Okonkwo collects his kids together and tells them if they wish to be females, they can go follow in Nwoye’s footsteps, however he will haunt, disown, and curse them. Okonkwo once again wants that Ezinma was a young boy, with how well she listens and the prospective he sees in her.

Ezinma has listened to his daddy and refused lots of marriages in order to marry a man in Umuofia to make Okonkwo more powerful. She is nicknamed the Crystal of Beauty since of her appearances. The Christians now have much deeper and more powerful roots in Umuofia, with their influence now affecting leaders of the clan. Obierika points out the name of the book, things break down, as that is what the white men have done to the clan, as they are no longer joined as one.

Chapter 21

Okonkwo fights the opinion of his people about the white males in this chapter. He abhors them and wants to rid them of their clan, but many do not agree as they have brought a true economy to the people. Mr. Brown, one of the missionaries, is one of the most respected. He is the one to keep the peace in between the clan and the converts.

To transform more individuals, he talks with Akunna, a religious man of Igbo, about faith. Brown realizes that straight attacking their gods will not yield any success, and rather offers positions to those that do transform. These people are to send their kids to the school to transform. Okonkwo’s children wed and his sons acquire power and respect in the clan, however he is still hung up on how soft the Umuofians have actually become to allow the white men to totally change their lifestyle.

Chapter 22

A new missionary, Mr. Smith, changes Brown and is much harsher when it concerns opposing religious beliefs. He sees faith as Christianity or nothing, so he has no regard for any Igbo practices or beliefs. His method to transforming the clan is to not attempt and get more, however to provide the ones they have a much deeper understanding of the faith. Enoch, a convert, unmasks among the egwugwu while they were worshipping the earth goddess.

The Mother of the Spirits weeping is heard throughout the town, and the egwugwu looked for to get vengeance on Enoch for what he has actually done. That following day, they damaged his huts and headed to the church to kill him. Mr. Smith hides Enoch from the egwugwu as they approach. After a quick discussion and a deliberate mistranslation by Okeke, the interpreter, the egwugwu burn the church to the ground, but decline to kill any of the Christians.

Chapter 23

Okonkwo is incredibly pleased by the actions of the egwugwu, with him being one of them once again, as he feels like the clan is lastly coming back to its old faith. The days following the burning of the church, all the guys bring around weapons in case of a retaliation. Mr. Smith complains to the District Commissioner about what has actually happened and the egwugwu are instantly summoned to talk to him. They bring weapons with them, however are ambushed along the method and detained.

The clan is now under England’s system of federal government according to the District Commissioner. Their release is at 2 hundred bags of cowries, they do not respond and are thrown in jail. The kotma, or soldiers generally, are told to treat them with respect but do not. They shave the heads of the egwugwu and starve them. The bail is eventually paid by the town as they threaten to hang the guys if they do not pay.

Chapter 24

The egwugwu are sent out house soon after, and the town crier beats his gong. Okonkwo swears revenge for the method he is treated, even if the rest of Umuofia does not think he should. In the town conference, Okonkwo spots Egonwanne, a male notorious for stopping the Umuofians from fighting. Obierika asks if he is scared of him stopping them once again, to which Okonkwo reacts emphatically that he does not care about Egonwanne and will fight no matter what the clan decides.

Okika, one of the egwugwu, talks to the people and asks the men of Umuofia to combat versus the white males, eve though they would likewise be fighting their own males who joined them. Five kotma appear and purchase their conference to stop. Okonkwo approaches them teeming with rage and in a flash, pulls out his machete and completely decapitates the kotma who bought the stop. The men of Umuofia go into a spree, however nobody attempts to pursue the four staying kotma. Okonkwo understands that since the males have actually left, Umuofia is not going to be waging war versus the white men.

Chapter 25

The District Commissioner and some kotma need to see Okonkwo, however he is nowhere to be found. The District Commissioner gets increasingly more outraged the more he looks, as he can not discover Okonkwo. Okonkwo is then spotted hanging from a tree, he eliminated himself. It is considered wicked for a man to take down the body of someone who devoted suicide, so they pay the missionaries to remove and bury the body.

During the burial event, Obierika has an outburst of rage and yells at the guys for driving Okonkwo to eliminate himself, he is overlooked by all of them. The District Commissioner thinks to himself about putting the occasions of Okonkwo into a book he is composing, he first wants to reserve a whole chapter about him, but instead decides to simply put him into a single paragraph.

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