Things Fall Apart, Achebe: Significance of title, events led up to Okonkwo falling apart…

Things Break Down, Achebe: Significance of title, events led up to Okonkwo falling apart …

Things Break Down What does the title suggests? Things Fall Apart is an awful book which is embeded in the Igbo neighborhood of Africa. Chinua Achebe, who is the author of this novel, depicts how an enthusiastic, popular, and respected African, Okonkwo, life falls apart. He was a guy with fantastic strength and personality. He had accomplished his goal to prosper and popular, a benefit that was unseen before in his family. Okonkwo’s life initially started to break down when Ikemefuna, a prisoner who stayed at Okonkwo’s home, was killed.

Okonkwo considered Ikemefuna as one of his own children. He was really saddened when he was killed. There were rather few results on Okonkwo from that horrible event. Initially, Okonkwo was not able to sleep for days. He likewise kept on getting intoxicated, and that was a sign that he was unpleasant. Another thing, his family would look at him as if it were his fault that Ikemefuna is dead. This can be viewed as an event where Okonkwo looses belief from his household. This connects to Okonkwo loosing faith in his father.

Another substantial incidence where Okonkwo’s life breaks down was when he was thrown away of the clan for seven years. From this event, one can see that Okonkwo’s hopes dreams have begun to fall apart. His hopes of being a rich and popular person had drifted away with this disturbing incident. Okonkwo had no longer had his farm or animals. Likewise Okonkwo lost faith with most of his pals. This goes to reveal that Okonkwo despaired with his buddies, like his father despaired with his.

Another episode that revealed the failure in Okonkwo’s life was when Nwoye, his oldest and favorite boy, converted to the white mans religion, Christianity. To Okonkwo this was extremely upsetting because Nwoye was his eldest son, and Okonkwo had the greatest expectations for him. When news came to him that Nwoye was amongst the white men, one might have foreseen that just no good was pertaining to Okonkwo after that. Taking a quick look at Okonkwo’s life, the title Things Fall Apart goes completely with the book.

Starting from the occasion with Ikemefuna, you could see that Okonkwo’s life was starting to fall apart. Then, later, when Okonkwo was kicked out of his clan, his chance of being abundant and popular were destroyed. After all that, with the occasion of Nwoye, Okonkwo’s life was a total breakdown. Anyone could see that Okonkwo had not achieved his objectives, but rather, by the end of his life, he had become a failure like his dad.

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