Themes of Knowledge in Frankenstein

Styles of Understanding in Frankenstein

In the book, “Frankenstein,” one of the themes is that having excessive understanding can present fatal repercussions to those who seek it. For example, Victor Frankenstein’s understanding to bring things to life triggered whatever that Victor valued and enjoyed to be removed from him. Victor produced a beast out of dead body parts and brought it to life, only to have the monster kill his family and friends. In the novel, “Frankenstein,” Mary Shelley utilizes significance and imagery to show that excessive understanding is not an advantage.

Mary Shelley utilizes importance to show that having excessive knowledge is bad. For example, in the novel the monster is, “happy at the heat he thrust his hand into the live ashes, however quickly drew it out once again with a cry of painthe very same causes must produce such opposite result!” (Shelley 88). The monster finds that the fire develops both light and warmth, but likewise the fire damages him when he touches it. Light represents knowledge and it is a good thing to have, similar to how the fire offers light in the dark.

Nevertheless, excessive understanding can be hazardous just like how fire can be unsafe if you touch it. Victor uses his knowledge to develop a living being however it has unfavorable impacts due to the fact that it ends up killing Victor’s enjoyed ones. In Frankenstein, there is an use of images to show that knowing too much information is not an advantage. The beast found some documents from Victor’s journal and read it. The beast then comprehended how horrific he truly is and how his own developer is disgusted by him. Appalled by his discoveries, he then decides to show himself to a group of cottagers but was driven away.

The beast becomes miserable due to the fact that he is constantly advised of how even his own developer left him. An example of images is when the beast says, “bears recommendation to my accursed origin the minutest description of my unpleasant and pesky person is offered, in language which painted your own scaries and rendered mine enduring” (Shelley 111). His torment triggered him to harm other individuals. If the beast had not check out those documents and acquired understanding, he would not have actually learnt about his creator thus, not killing the innocent people.

To show that having a lot of understanding is bad, another use of images is made use of in Frankenstein. The unique says, “My cheek had grown pale with study, and my person had actually become emaciated with confinement. I gathered bones from charnel-houses; and disrupted, with profane fingers, the remarkable tricks of the human frame” (Shelley 44). While Victor is attempting to bring inanimate objects to life and pursue understanding, his body is ending up being weaker and he becomes consumed. Victor overlooks whatever and cuts off contact with his friends and family.

He is likewise removed of his humanity because what type of individual steal bones from a building or vault in which remains are stacked upon each other. In Frankenstein, there are many styles. Out of all the styles, one of them is that having excessive knowledge can be fatal. To prove this, Victor Frankenstein got understanding and developed life. The life in which Victor developed, ended up being deadly and ended up killing Victor’s liked ones. Obviously in this novel, the author shows that having excessive understanding is not a good thing since it can cause damage to one’s self or others. This is shown by utilizing meaning and imagery.

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