Themes of A Tale of Two Cities

Styles of A Tale of Two Cities


The novel concentrates on family, its worths and struggling of its members. Throughout the story, we can see many tight spots people enter into, but the bottom line here is that families are all different and the ways they resolve their problems are different too. The very first and, most likely, the most impressive example of love and dedication in between member of the family is The Manettes. A young girl, Lucie, lives without parents as they are thought to be dead for eighteen years. However as it turned out her daddy is alive, and all this time he remained in jail. Now he is experiencing mental breakdown as the reason for being separated from his household. Without any doubts, Lucie decides to go to Paris, France to take her father back home and make things right again. Their relationships is an exceptional sample of respect, generosity, and commitment. Some of the quotes about the family you can discover on our site.


The primary theme of A Tale of 2 Cities is, definitely, the theme of warfare. The story has to do with the Reign of terror that hit 2 countries: France and England. The factors for those hard times were rather obvious. The peasants, the poor individuals, were ill and sick of the French Monarchy and its politics. The King, the Queen, and the upper class were keeping all the money to themselves and appressing the peasants in awful conditions. Individuals couldn’t live like this anymore, that’s why they began a transformation, the primary purpose of which was to topple the Monarchy. But the circumstance didn’t improve, so they needed to accept the fact they would have to suffer a lot more. Charles Dickens shows us various social classes throughout the warfare of that time so that we can see how the French revolution affected not only aristocracy but bad people as well. Go to our website for warfare quotes from A Tale of 2 Cities.


The family of Mattes became the great example of loyalty. The girl, Lucie loves her dad, and she’s constantly ready to do anything for him. She left London to come to Paris in order to save him and handled to bring the guy back to life. All the time Lucie took care of her dad as he was experiencing a psychological disease.
Also, we can notice another case of loyalty– the plotline about Sidney Carton. The guy was in love with Lucie. Those feelings made him, literary, another individual. He changed from an unattractive alcoholic into a good male. Carton was actually dedicated to her, however rather of fighting for Lucie, he decided to step back and show his feelings silently. If you want to read some interesting quotes on the topic of loyalty represented in the book, go on our website.


If you would like to know how suffering is portrayed in literature– ensure you check out A Tale of Two Cities, since this book is, definitely, a fantastic example of people’s catastrophe during the French Revolution. Peasants and all bad people were experiencing terrible conditions for a long period of time. They wanted their life to progress that’s why they overthrew the Monarchy. The French Revolution is a “dark area” in history since it didn’t result in anything good. People were defending their rights, however their presence was as unpleasant as previously.
The famous “wine scene” in an unique proves how poor were people. When a barrel of red wine fell out of the carriage, it crashed, and all the red beverage was poured on the filthy ground. However peasants didn’t care that the white wine became the mud on the street, they greedily tried to get some drops with their tongues. Discover other quotes about the suffering of individuals during that time on the site.

Society and Class

The Industrial Transformation in France had a really dark underside, and that underside was labor that has actually been required in many factories. So the bad classes were generally forced into these extremely hard tasks with long hours for actually little incomes. And this is what Charles Dickens wrote about– the injustice in society, and substantial difference between low classes and upper class.
The most remarkable one is a scene about the reception. All the visitors collected in a big hall, however the King had his own inner room, that was situated right because hall but with a closed door and 4 servants to serve him his chocolate. Dickens is wonderful here in explaining a ridiculous arrogance of aristocracy of that time. He likewise speaks about their gowns, all the powder on their faces and delicate perfumes in an ironical method.
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Justice and Judgement

The reason the book A Tale of Two Cities is so popular is that the social criticism and injustice that are pointed out on its pages are still appropriate today. Throughout the time of the Industrial Revolution, France was not the only nation that suffered. When other countries understood that it could be dangerous for their well-being, they literary began attacking France to oppress the peasants in their poor conditions. Taking all that into factor to consider, no wonder that stress and anxiety among people has been growing. Charles Dickens wrote an exceptional passage about how people became judgmental and thought everybody to be a spy for the federal government or another nation. A scene in a carriage is an excellent confirmation of these words. There were several guests inside that carriage. The guard thought all of them, and the passengers presumed him and likewise one another.
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The theme of politics plays an extremely essential role in a novel as the story takes place in 2 countries throughout The French Revolution and the reign of French Monarchy. It’s obvious that the historic part of the book is carefully associated to politics. We can even claim that the policy of the Monarchy of that time triggered The Industrial Revolution as the King and the Queen disposed of all the money in their country while keeping the peasants in horrible conditions. Not surprising that, individuals wanted a much better life for themselves, that’s why they chose to overthrow the Monarchy.
So the book is about the political and social situation, the opposition in between low classes and the government and the effects of that warfare. We can offer you with some fascinating quotes from the book about the politics on our site.

Morals and Ethics

The war is the time when not just individuals’s life is changing, but their consciousness and the method of believing also. On the pages of A Tale of 2 Cities, we can see the repercussions of warfare. Those individuals who were accusing Charles Darnay of being a spy turned out to be spies themselves. Without Sidney Container, who inadvertently discovered that they both looked alike, Charles Darnay would have been thrown in prison for the rest of his life. That was the only way to leave jail– to accuse someone else prior to they accuse you. And the most awful thing is that there were no moral worths left due to the fact that individuals were psychologically crushed by the financial and social circumstance in their country.
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Life, Consciousness, and Existence.

Among the main points Charles Dickens discussed throughout his entire career was social injustice and unfairness towards the children, who suffered after been tossed into adult life. The reason he was so successful in explaining their miserable existence is that he experienced it himself. A Tale of Two Cities is a novel from his “mature” period when he no longer concentrates on kids, however he still writes about oppression in society and how screwed it is throughout The Industrial Transformation. The author’s purpose is to demonstrate how unpleasant was people’s life, how poor they were and how stupid and ruthless was the government’s policy. If you want to read excellent quotes on this subject, make sure you find them on our website.
While reading this book, we can see that awareness of lower class was extremely distorted as they couldn’t trust each other any longer, suspected everybody else to be a spy for local government and were prepared to do humiliating things for their enduring.

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