The Things They Carried: Some Characters, Like Curt Lemon, Think That Embarrassment Impels Them to Heroism

The Important Things They Carried Essay

Shame is a reoccuring theme throughout The important things They Carried. Pity makes individuals do things they do not wish to do just so they can get rid of the fear of pity. It drove soldiers to do acts they would’ve never done. A lot of the characters have embarassment as a primary motivator. It leads them to war and it keeps them there. It is the something that keeps them from shooting themselves in the foot so that they would be discharged from the army or some similar such act. But some characters, like Curt Lemon, think that embarassment impels them to heroism, not stupidity.

The sensations of pity and regret consume the soldiers, and make them do irrational and insane things. Shame motivated guys to go to Vietnam. An aspect that contributes to their pity is being shamed in front of their peers. Also coming back from war perfectly fine and intact was a contributing element due to the fact that it lead some soldiers to shoot themselves in the leg or something so they at least had something to reveal they battled hard in fight. They felt that there were individuals passing away around them and getting injured, and that if they returned home with absolutely nothing done to them they would be looked at as a coward.

Individuals would believe that they didn’t fight their hardest to safeguard their nation and rather escaped or stayed concealed. The social approval amongst all the men in Vietnam was a factor to their shame. They didn’t want to seem like a coward in front of the males they were they were combating along with either. The soldiers fear and hate weakness, so in order to keep their relationships undamaged, they require to secure their reputations. In O’Brien’s story in “On the Rainy River” it informs how he didn’t want to battle in a war he believed to be unjust, however the fear of being thought of as a coward led him to go anyhow.

He had the possibility to flee to Canada and what stopped him wasn’t patriotism, it was his issue for what his friends and family would consider him if he didn’t go to Vietnam to combat. O’Brien has likewise stated that embarassment brought him into the war. It ran out love that he didn’t get away to Canada. Because of his love for his parents and household, O’Brien did not wish to embarassment them by not going to the draft. If he didn’t fight he would’ve needed to deal with being looked down upon by everybody around him. He would’ve needed to deal with his choice to not fight. “On the Rainy River” is an exploration of the role of shame in war.

The story develops the style of humiliation as an inspiring aspect. O’Brien pretended to eagerly anticipate doing his patriotic responsibility in front of his dad and uncles, but during the night he prayed with his mom that the war may end soon. He was afraid of disgracing himself and his family and village. In “In the Field,” it’s exposed that O’Brien is shaken by a comparable shame and regret over Kiowa, thinking that he’s the one that was actually accountable for Kiowa’s death. Curt Lemon passed out during a dental practitioner see in the chapter “The Dental practitioner”. He didn’t want to get made fun of by the other men for hesitating.

To prove to the men in his Company, and also to himself, that he’s male enough and brave enough to see the dental practitioner he goes to the dental professional’s camping tent in the middle of the night, declares to have an actually bad toothache, and needs that he take out a few of his completely good teeth. Jimmy Cross only went to war due to the fact that his buddies did. He ends up being a confused and uncertain leader who threatens the lives of his soldiers. He wants to be looked at as a leader rather of making himself look like a coward and wants to do so even if he is putting other peoples lives at risk.

He neglected to step up and lead his males in numerous situations when they needed him the most. The cause of his neglect originated from his obsession with a girl back house. Later on, he realizes that he has actually been a fool. He focused so much on Martha that he has actually overlooked to be a leader to his group. As soon as Lavender dies, Cross understands that he must focus his attention on his soldiers. He repents of himself that he has actually squandered so much time thinking about Martha. Norman Bowker can’t shake the embarassment of not winning The Silver Star of Valor due to the fact that he thinks that he would have won it if he had not stopped working to conserve Kiowa in “Mentioning Guts. Embarassment takes control of Bowker so much that he eventually hangs himself. The story “The Things They Carried” itself explains how men feel embarassment on many levels. Some feel shame for the things they do, such as burning a town after Ted Lavender is shot or how they react to opponent fire by being up to the ground weeping and hiding or how Lt. Jimmy Cross feels over his fixation with Martha and how it result in Lavender’s death. The products of liked ones are utilized as a guard. Instead of the soldiers confessing they hesitate, which would be disgraceful, they hold on to objects for strength.

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