The Things They Carried: Jimmy’s Love for Martha

1. Jimmy’s love for Martha remains in an extremely real and actual sense in his mind. This love was built in part from a short encounter they had in the previous and established and elaborated on, by his loneliness and battle fatigue brought on by the war. I think he has actually constructed this relationship with her due to the fact that of this. It’s not completely clear in the story if his love is genuine or simply a driver or interruption to transfer him away from the world he now lives in, where there is no love or morality just death, pain, and damage.

2. Jimmy appears to mainly think of Martha when he is feeling alone, when things have become still, or the war has actually become excessive and he has to get away. This is why when his platoon member is in the tunnel, he considers her because he knows the location he remains in and the risk he might deal with. All of it becomes excessive and Jimmy needs to leave for a time.

3. Ted Lavender’s death might be described as a result of carelessness. Possibly in the story he is described of being fearful to the point he was self medicating to numb himself to the truth that surrounded him. On the other hand later in the story the author eliminated the reality of “in times of war guys will often do anything leave”, possibly in some regard Ted was welcoming death as means of relief.

4. I believe Jimmy utilizes this excuse to justify actions and habits of ordinary males and often even young boy’s location an extraordinary and exceptionally stressful scenarios. It excuses him due to the fact that he falls into the very same category of everybody else in the very same circumstance. There are times when guys despite differences can come together since they all comprehend a typical thread. On the other hand Jimmy’s ranking of Lieutenant locations him in a position of management and the tie that holds and safeguards the lives of other and need to disassociate himself from excuses to do this.

5. The soldiers make jokes about the war to minimalize what is taking place. If you can laugh about something it can not be that bad. It is also a form of comradely and gets away.

6. The author uses and develops the idea and descriptions of weights in this story to communicate to the reader the burden both actual and mental the soldiers had to sustain. Because the author enters into such terrific detail highlighting to the reader you can almost feel it upon yourself.

7. Jimmy sacrifices his heart at first for one sided love then his responsibility as a leader and protector of his males. I believe he does this since he is human and trying to find the exact same thing everyone else is, a sense of home and normalcy.

8. Jimmy changes in the end of the story by letting go of something that had actually been weighting him down, pretends to see the love of someone who did not live him back, and has actually accepted the truth of this situation. It seems he has lost his escape in loving Martha but has actually gained a sense of closure and will most likely help him save his peace of mind and enable him to be a better soldier and leader.

9. I believe the war will seem more genuine to jimmy now since he is absolutely immersed in it. He no longer has that location he can go to, to escape. Considering Martha and pleasant things and times surrounding her allowed him to be conserved from the everyday tensions tragedies, dehumanization’s, and hell of the world of war all around him.

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