The Things They Carried by Tim O`Brien Analysis Essay

The Things They Brought by Tim O’Brien is a collection of narratives that portrays the war of Vietnam. O’Brien while writing this collection concentrated on different concerns related to war. He duplicates numerous occasions and tries to discriminate reality from reality. O’Brien’s particular style is not a thriller. He does not write thriller or in an investigator type of voice that a reader will keep hanged about the terrible or pleased ending. In fact, he informs the reader in the start about the targeted ending and after that keeps examining the truths behind it.

O’Brien himself composes that you’ve to be hesitant when you check out a war story because it can’t be a real story. Normally the fanatics came out to be real while many regular things in life are not. The important things that Brought is his war narrative where facts are blended with fiction.

While reading his stories the reader is usually lost in discovering the option that whether the story is telling realities or fiction, or whether it is something true or just a fable.

“They carried the soldier’s greatest fear, which was the fear of blushing. Male killed, and died, due to the fact that they were embarrassed not to. It was what had actually brought them to the war in the first place, absolutely nothing positive, no imagine magnificence or honor, just to avoid the blush of dishonor. They passed away so as not to pass away of embarrassment.” (O’Brien)

After long term of miserable sufferings, his view of life is that it is filled with misery, anxiety and unhappiness. He didn’t tell the story to get the assistance and compassion from others but since it was a typical seeing in wars and to reveal true nature of life on others (as he viewed it). His recommendations to readers is that they ought to first investigate into the matter and after that give their interpretation about the life.

“By informing stories, you objectify your own experience. You separate it from yourself. You select specific realities. You make up others. You start in some cases with an event that truly happened, like the night in the shit field, and you carry it forward by creating events that did not in fact occur however that nonetheless aid to clarify and discuss.” (O’Brien)

In above quotes O’Brien shows his own views that fact is not always there in such stories. In truth, you start with something uncommon and after that you specify it. Readers yielded that O’Brien’s views are proper and his life’s challenges are as terrible and negative as hers. The war story demonstrate how humans suffer on this earth due their own evils. During his life time he had seen war, greed, killing and battle over cash & & females.

“I ‘d come to this war a quiet, thoughtful sort of person, a college grad, Phi Beta Kappa and summa orgasm laude, all the qualifications, but after 7 months in the bush I understood that those high, civilized trappings had actually somehow been squashed under the weight of the basic everyday truths. I ‘d turned mean inside.” (O’Brien)

A lot of the styles of his story overlapped themes of The Things They Carried. Hypocrisy of religious beliefs, greed for cash, and use of cash to subdue others and corruption were the primary styles in the Vietnam War stories.


O`Brien, Tim. The Things They Carried.

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