The Things They Carried as the Unsolved Psychological Baggage

The Things They Brought

The Important Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien All of the men from Tim O’Brien’s book “The Things They Brought” brought physical items and unsolved psychological baggage. The guys held onto the physical products and inside held the feelings to assist them handle and escape from the Vietnam war. Nevertheless, after the war, they brought memories and scars that reminded them of and brought them back to Vietnam. In the first chapter of the book, O’Brien talks about the physical products the males carry with them. In addition to the anticipated gear of war the guys also brought a distinct blend of various items.

The majority of these products served as some sort of escape from the war. For instance, Lieutenant Cross carried with him tips of a girl he enjoyed named Martha. Despite his belief that the love was not mutual, her letters and all the best pebble served to help him fantasize about what might be after the war. Henry Dobbins brought a set of his girlfriend’s pantyhose around his neck in addition to extra rations due to his large size. On the other hand, Ted Lavender brought cannabis and tranquilizers to get away the scaries of war and reduce his stress and anxiety.

Lieutenant Cross brought more than just his letters from Martha. He likewise brought maps and compasses which signified his responsibility for the men. Early in the book, his daydreams and duties collided creating an ethical predicament. When Ted Lavender was shot after utilizing the bathroom, Cross held himself personally responsible since rather of taking notice of his males, he was distracted with thoughts of Martha. The problem of carrying both of these items ended up being too much.

For that reason Cross decided to burn all his letters from Martha and concentrate on his responsibility for the men. In Henry Dobbins case, he wore his girlfriends pantyhose due to the fact that the smell and feel of them advised him of home, which gave him an escape. However, O’Brien also revealed the reader how prevalent superstitious notions were in Vietnam. After surviving a few near death experiences, Dobbins deemed the pantyhose an all the best charm crediting them with his survival. Even after his sweetheart breaks up with him, Dobbins continued to wear the pantyhose thinking that the magic has not been lost.

After the war, the survivors brought home with them psychological scars from their experience. In the chapter “love”, Lieutenant Cross admitted that he still feels responsible for Ted Lavenders death. He also told O’Brien that he met Martha after the war and recognized that she really did not want him in an intimate method. This only served to magnify the guilt he carried over Ted Lavender’s death. Norman Bowker returned house carrying with him seven medals, therefore satisfying his daddy’s greatest hopes. Nevertheless, he likewise brought sensations of betrayal for his Kiowa.

In the chapter “Mentioning Nerve” Bowker wants to tell his daddy the story of the medal that he did not get (the silver star) because he believed that he did not have the guts needed to save his pal. These sensations of betrayal plagued Bowker after the war separating him and ultimately causing his suicide. O’Brien himself carried house scars of the war. In the chapters “The Guy I Eliminated” and “Ambush” we discover O’Brien struggling to come to terms with his own regret. He expressed how he almost instantly was sorry for tossing the grenade that killed that Vietnamese soldier.

He then pictured that the boys life was just like his own. Had he not had writing as a release, O’Brien claimed that he might extremely well have actually been incapacitated from this guilt. In “The Things They Carried” O’Brien showed the readers how typical individuals attempt to cope with the irregular horrors of war. Not only did he reveal us the feelings his characters carried with them in Vietnam, but also the emotional baggage they brought home with them. In the end we realize that the psychological results of the war stay with the males long after the physical items are brought home and put away.

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