The Things They Carried: The Pursuit of the American Dream

The Important Things They Brought

Mantoula BlumenthalJanuary 9th, 2012 Mr. AmsterAP English The Pursuit of the American Dream The Things They Carried– Log 1 The American Dream is the desire to prosper. Success can be accomplished through hard work, and with hard work and success the American Dream can result in joy also. The American Dream is obtainable by all. It does not depend upon social class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or anything that makes the person a person. It depends on the ability to strive and to strive for change.

In the novel, The Things They Carried, each character transforms in a special method. Some characters experience minor changes or barley modification at all, whereas other characters go through severe dramatic modifications that affect them for the rest of their lives. First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross is among the characters in this novel that went through a remarkable modification from the beginning of the novel to the midpoint. When Cross is first presented at the beginning of the unique, he is madly in love with a woman called Martha, who had actually sent him letters.

He knew that they weren’t truly like letters, however in his mind, he believed that they were. As First Lieutenant, he had the duty of caring for all of his guys. He frequently found this task challenging, since he was constantly consumed with thoughts of Martha, and dreams of what their life could be like. One day, Cross’s guys were on a mission where they needed to explode a tunnel. In order to do so, one guy would have to examine to see if the tunnel was empty, then when he was out, they would trigger a series of explosives to destroy the tunnel.

This day, the solider inside was taking a rather long time, so Cross stood at the end of the tunnel and looked inside. He could not see much, just darkness, so he questioned if perhaps the tunnel had collapsed and the guy had actually passed away. When unexpectedly, his mind got away thoughts of the war, and his man in the tunnel, and he found himself again consumed with ideas of Martha. Although the man in the tunnel came out fine, another among Jimmy’s men passed away that day. He had left the group for a moment, and on his method back he was shot and eliminated. It was then that Jimmy realized where he truly was.

Cross blamed himself and his infatuation with Martha for the death. That night, Lieutenant Cross burned the letters that Martha sent him in addition to the images that he had of her. To him this was the start of a new “age.” He came to the awareness that the letters weren’t enjoy letters, they were just letters. He was not at home, with Martha on a romantic getaway, but he remained in a war. He realized that day that if he didn’t start to focus more, and put Martha aside, more men would pass away and he wouldn’t have been able to live with the regret of understanding individuals passed away being of this.

Being prepared to the military, as the characters were, the problems and struggles they faced at this point in their lives were not with society, however they were with themselves. First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross was stuck in a physical war and a mental war with himself. He had signed up with the army not believing he would go to war, so he actually had not been prepared for what was to come. Cross’s main battle was finding a method to be a much better leader. It was a battle between altering who use to be to become who he needs to be. In his mind, Jimmy was stuck in New Jersey, in love with Martha.

He couldn’t think that he was in Vietnam, at war. He did not want to believe it. Jimmy didn’t concern realize what he needed to become till the death of one of his males, when he then attempted to change. Jimmy’s determination to end up being the man he needed to be was beginning. The desire to succeed indicated that he required to let go of his dream life and take grasp on the now. Jimmy Cross had to let go of what he was dreaming his life to be and concentrate on the truth he was experiencing. Jimmy’s realization to concentrating on the war and leading his seventeen males was the beginning of his journey to living out his American Dream.

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