The Things They Carried As a Metaphor for the Loss of Innocence That the Soldiers Lose During Their Time in the War

The Things They Carried

Task 1 In Tim O’Briens The Important Things They Brought, the character of Mary Anne, in the chapter Sweetheart of the Tune Tra Bong works as a metaphor for the loss of innocence that the soldiers lose during their time in the war. “The people sometimes liked to kid her …– but Mary Anne would just smile and protrude her tongue”( 96 ). As a child, you would stand out your tongue to tease somebody or use it as gesture towards somebody who was teasing you. In the start, when Mary Anne first shows up, she holds herself extremely immature.

With the protruding of her tongue she proves that she has the mindset of a kid when she initially shows up. She does this to avoid a fight of having to show that she is not a local of the land and that she belongs there just like the remainder of the males do. However then as the time goes on, you no longer see her sticking her tongue out like a kid. She loses her “Bubbly” personality and her “Anxious giggling”( 99 ). The as soon as childlike acts that she was understood for have been lost in the war.

The males likewise would no longer kid around with her but would treat her as a soldier herself, and that was how she wanted to be dealt with. However she was not a soldier. She was a young female with as Eddie Diamond explained it, “D-cup guts, trainer bra brains” (97 ). D-cup guts presumes her to having adult like guts. An industrialized sense of courage. However inside she has the mentality of a young teen with brains of a training bra. Very immature and non developed. She does not have the experience and the understanding of a grownup. A grownup who remains in the middle of a crucial war.

When she concerned the war she had imagine marriage, kids and a gingerbread home( 94 ). The dream of all girls for when they are older. The perfect life with the guy of their dreams. However as the war goes on she has brand-new experiences and she feels the importance of that dream. She longer wants to wed so quickly however wishes to take a trip and not as many kids. Now with more experiences brains she chooses rapidly that her former values are not as essential now. An example would be to say that she came into the war as a child and left as an adult.

In the beginning “they mooned over each other. Always holding hands, laughing over some personal joke, … couple of matching sweatshirts” (95 ). When you initially go into a relationship the time and experience is precious. It is a new feeling, the sensation of love. Young love as it is called. When she first got here, Mary Anne revealed that sensation of a brand-new love and her and Rat Kiley were the epitome of the experience of brand-new love. However in time she was not as clingy. She ultimately wandered off late at night and after that one night didn’t return for some time later on.

As her time and experiences in the war grew so did the area between the 2. As she turned into an adult, the innocent love that the two shared turned into a shared likeness. As the war developed so did Mary Anne. She can be found in a teen and became a grownup. Through her experience she lost the innocence that she when had. As did the soldeirs. They had actually all been available in with hopes and imagine the future but throughout the war their own dream was to stay alive long enough simply to even have a future and for some this would never occur. As did Mary Anne, she never ever ended up with a future.

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