A Love Story in War – The Things They Carried

The Things They Brought

!.?.!? Khoa Dao Teacher Keisha Cosand English 110 Date Feb 11th 2014 A Love Story in War “The Things They Brought” is an interesting story. The story has to do with the group of soldiers who were fighting in Viet Nam War. They carried a lot of things such as weapons, foods, beverages and things to secure them whenever they go across the forest. The lieutenant Jimmy Cross is a sensitive person. He had a girlfriend, Martha. He liked her a lot. He always considers her whenever he is free. He frequently took out her image and look at it for a very long time. He missed the time when they were together, when they remained in cinema or when they remained in Jersey shore.

This romance is truly a wonderful story. His emotion showed that he enjoy and miss her every time even when he looked at the tunnel. Back to the journey of them to the west, they needed to bring a great deal of things and they needed to suffer a lot of problem especially when their comrade died. That made Jimmy Cross felt so depressed. He missed his girlfriend and his pal was passed away. That led Cross to the deep of unhappiness. He burned those letters from Martha but the image of Martha still in his head. We can see that how deep of his love for her but it seems like she does not love Cross any longer.

Finally, he left everything behind and went on to the place and town in their objective in the war. I love this story and the way the writer explain about the love story of the lieutenant. The concept of the writer is plainly that even though in the war, the soldier still has his emotion and still keeps his mind in his sweetheart. In the devastating condition (war and diseases) we still can feel the human’s feeling. The war does not bring any thing good. It makes individuals have to be apart from their love, and their household. They need to endure through their mission to come house.

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