The Theme of Loneliness in the Novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

The relationship between abundance and isolation is conveyed in a variety of assorted techniques in John Steinbeck’s, Of Mice And Male. For that reason, this poetically revealed non-fiction novella is mainly regarding the principle of isolation when it comes to the protagonists in the story, which are Lennie and George. Additionally, acknowledging the contrast in between Lennie and George’s personalities, it is safe for it to be said that factors such as mental disorder and habitual habits have a prominent impact on the characters’ seclusion. Subsequently, there is no doubt that human beings in general long for contact with others in order to live a meaningful life. After taking this into consideration, Lennie, Crooks, Sweet, and Curley’s other half can be derived as victims of solitude.

It is evident that solitude exists continuously throughout this story. Specifically, George’s duty for looking after Lennie and the American Dream are efforts to break the constant pattern of isolation. As an outcome, when the 2 men had arguments, George would constantly describe Lennie as a concern, which avoided him from living the lonely life he had constantly desired. In the text, Steinbeck writes, “… if I was alone I might live so easily … an’ whatta I got, I got you!” (Steinbeck 11). George’s outburst supports the truth that he wants to live in solitude, meaning a life without Lennie. By all means, without George, Lennie would live a

life full of sorrow without him knowing it. People would take advantage of his psychological retardation, and as George specified, “somebody ‘d shoot you for a coyote if you was by yourself” (Steinbeck 13). In addition, loneliness always appeared to interfere with George and Lennie’s relationship.

However, Lennie and George are not the only characters who deal with isolation in Steinbeck’s Of Mice And Male. Although solitude is shown in all the characters throughout the story to some degree, Crooks and Candy’s seclusion is most obvious. Sweet often attempted to fight his upcoming loneliness by refusing to be kept apart by his pet dog. Regrettably, Curley demanded killing the only companion Sweet had, which brought him his awful loneliness. The quote, “Cany did not address. The silence fell on the space again. It came out of the night and invaded the space” (Steinbeck 49), supports the idea of how Candy begins to suffer from isolation as soon as he no longer has anyone to be with. Although time has passed because Sweet’s disaster, he continues to remain in misery and desolates himself from the rest of the cattle ranch employees. Following this theory, Crooks is also a victim of isolation along with Lennie and Candy. His physical disability and skin color is very much like Lennie’s mental illness. Criminals is typically looked down on and persistently made to appear different from the rest of the cattle ranch workers. “‘Cause I’m black. They play cards in there, but I can’t play since I’m black. They say I stink” (Steinbeck 68). The previous quote supports the concept of Crooks being discriminated against due to his skin color and polar opposite qualities. Although, his physical traits are not the only thing that separate him from everyone else. His lack of respect when it comes to other’s organisation is

what also secludes him. Both Candy and Scoundrels’ desire to be liberated and live a tranquil life is revealed when they have an interest in The American Dream, introduced to them by Lennie and George.

The pattern of only males living desolate lives is quickly broken when Curley’s spouse is shown to be a lonesome character in the story. She too has actually been affected by isolation, due to her being the only woman in the ranch. As if her gender was not already adequate to make her remarkably different from everybody else, her hubby, Curley, has forbidden her talk with anyone. Curley’s wife rebels versus him by flirting with all the cattle ranch employees and giving them “the eye”. This is because of Curley not paying any attention to her, so emotionally, she

craves flattery. As Of Mice And Male comes to an end, Curley’s wife reveals her ideas to Lennie. “Why can’t I talk with you? I never get to talk with no one. I get terrible lonesome” (Steinbeck 86). This quote properly shows the truth that Curley’s wife feels extremely lonesome because of her constraint set by her husband when it concerns communication. While it is true that Curley’s partner had a few malicious actions occasionally, they were not all deliberate, evaluating by how she was emotionally abused by her spouse.

Overall, the characters mentioned to be lonely and separated were proven to have actually either been either physically or mentally unstable. Factors such as discrimination, lack of knowledge, restrain, and mockery all affect the internal state of somebody. Isolation does not constantly happen by easy isolating actions that others do. Even though the state of isolation can be affecting, everyone should go through it in order to value and see the beauty in association.

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