The Theme of Knowledge in Frankenstein

The Theme of Understanding in Frankenstein

In Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein, there is a revolving theme of how knowledge is both a curse and a true blessing. Victor strives to transcend death by creating a creature that would symbolize man’s desire for understanding, and of the beast that craves for the approval of society. This theme is stressed throughout the story of how one’s own desire of knowledge can cause one’s downfall since of humanity’s self-centered intentions through making use of detailed images, affecting allusions, and in medias res to reveal the concerns in which lives from the acquisition for understanding.

Frankenstein in his quest for knowledge resulted in the style of a being with “yellow skin, covered with muscles and arteries underneath” “shiny black hair”, and “teeth of pearly brightness”. (pg. 42) These physical information of the beast highlight the grotesqueness of the beast and how through Frankenstein’s intelligence creates the beast in hopes of producing a “brand-new types which would bless him as its creator” (pg. 38), however in a turn of events triggers him excellent struggling with the loss of William and others who were dear to him shrouded in the sensations of “suffering he sufferedbusy in scenes of wicked and despair” (pg. 0).

In this quest for knowledge Victor just developed pain and suffering through the birth of his own understanding and production. This dream Victor had of creating the monster where it “would owe its being to him” (pg. 38) to bliss him had actually become a nightmare instead. Frankenstein’s own development strolled complimentary learning and trying to adjust to human society. As time passed Frankenstein and the monster came face to deal with however this time the beast was more informed and now knew what he was; a monstrosity to society for his appearance. Menstruation of the beasts understanding triggers him to consider he was a “fitter symbol of Satan”.

The monster “like Adam, was apparently joined by no link to any other remaining in presence; however Adams’ state was far various from his in every other regard.” (pg. 110) Educating himself in everyway possible just cause more damage to the beast then making accepted by society. Unlike Adam who “had emerged from the hands of God a best animal, pleased and flourishing, guarded by the specific care of his developer” (pg. 110) the monster had actually been born and then disposed of by Frankenstein his own master due to this chain of torment streaming from both the creator and development’s intelligence.

Later on into the story Frankenstein encounters the monster again after William’s death to speak to the beast, the monster had actually wanted the Physician to develop him a lover in order to fill deep space that he has” now that his thoughts have actually ended up being more active, and longed to discover the intentions and sensations of these charming creatures” (pg. 95) by having someone like himself, nevertheless Frankenstein does not abide by his demand because of how now Victor was more familiar with what he was giving life to and how he was tampering with death in God’s domain.

The monster no longer able to have his space filled as “he be alone” and “each monster have his mate” (pg. 146) and Frankenstein now alone decides to chase the monster to seek his revenge, after he eliminated those who were near and dear to him. Starting their journey of Victor pursuing after the beast at the story at the beginning in Captain Walton’s letters, the captain satisfies the monster after Victor’s death and finds out of his story and how he has actually “suffered fantastic and exceptional bad luck” (pg. 14) due to the monster being ostracized by human society because he did not fit their norms.

This demonstrates that understanding can trigger a long path of anguish that goes throughout the entire book on their journey. Mary Shelly consisted of the theme of how knowledge is both a blessing and a treatment throughout the book is to display human’s thirst for knowledge, which in turn will one day be the tomb that they had actually developed for themselves. This concept has ascended from her period into our modern society right now with all of the advancements in technology and my other developments showing how she understands of societies continuous desire for understanding.

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