The Patriot Act and 1984 by George Orwell Essay

Simply by saying there are no rules, people are free to reveal what they feel, and everybody has flexibility of speech does not make it true. The Patriot Act and 1984 by George Orwell show that these declarations are entirely incorrect. Individuals of a greater power may inform the population that new guidelines are for “security” and “nothing will hurt them,” however all of these assurances are lies. Sure, they make everybody “feel” much better about what is going on, but residents must hear the reality and have a voice in decisions that involve them, as the law clearly specifies (“U.

S. Constitution vs. The Patriot Act”).

Both the Patriot Act and 1984 use monitoring for the wrong factors; taking the population’s freedom and security. After the disaster of 9/11, countless Americans felt vulnerable and shocked. Individuals desired greater precaution and needed to know they were protected. This was the federal government’s possibility to gain more power, and they created legislation referred to as the Patriot Act.

The main purposes of this law are to prevent and penalize terrorist acts in the United States and worldwide and to boost law enforcement investigatory tools (“Costs Summary & & Status”)

. After individuals found out about this brand-new law, numerous recommended it up until they heard what this act really allows the federal government to do. The Patriot Act allows the offense of lives, which rejects people their flexibility. This brand-new law lets the federal government search anybody’s home, use people’s phone calls, and observe what the population is searching on the web all without a search warrant. (“Costs Summary & & Status” )The Patriot Act may be portrayed as a brand-new mode of security, but truly, in the end, the federal government is simply getting increasingly more power each and every day.

This Act truly matches up to Orwell’s novel, 1984. In the book, the population is governed by Huge Bro and the Party. Everybody’s individualism is ripped away; nobody can ever be alone, and somebody is always seeing their every relocation. is exhibited when the dystopian protagonist, Winston Smith, exclaims “The telescreens might be dimmed, however there was no other way of shutting it off” (Orwell 2). This quotation explains that in the unique, someone was always monitoring the residents by using the telescreens.

The telescreens could view all the citizens and even manage them to wake up and do the exercises worked by the Physical Jerks. This connects to the Patriot Act today since people never understand when the government or private investigators are tapping into their call or analyzing their web use (“What Is the U.S.A. Patriot Web”). So the population does not even have the power to be able to make sure a personal phone call, and what they research on the web is no longer their own company (“US Constitution vs. The Patriot Act”).

The next quote from Orwell’s novel that reveals the how the government uses security in the incorrect method is “There was naturally no way of understanding whether you were being enjoyed at any given minute” (Orwell 6). In the book, every citizen is viewed by so many kinds of surveillance that they constantly have to be on guard. There are the Thought Cops, telescreens, and the spies. No one is ever safe in Oceania. This relates to the Patriot Act likewise since anybody in the United States of America has no idea if and when he is being viewed and reported on (“Bill Summary & & Status”).

This type of uncertainty just isn’t reasonable to residents. Living in a nation where you have to be watchful of yourself is scary. The population of the U.S.A. is being backstabbed by its country, similar to the residents of Oceania in 1984. People must have the flexibility they were informed they would have from the start (“United States Constitution vs. The Patriot Act”). No one should have to be afraid in their own house, never ever understanding when they will be seen or who could perhaps barge in without notice.

In every government, there are brand-new laws and announcements produced or pictured every day. Nobody can anticipate what may come next. Those against the Patriot Act feel that it reduced the quantity of liberty we had, and what’s following will not be pretty. They think that the government will constantly be craving more authority and control and will do anything to get it. In this view, quickly enough all of the person’s liberty will be gone as we know it, and the lives of many will represent the life of Winston Smith in 1984.

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