The Mocking Jay from the Hunger games series Essay

The book I chose to read for my second quarter federal government book was The Buffooning Jay from the Hunger games series. The author of this book is Suzanne Collins. There is a lot that goes on in the story, involving many things in the war of her districts. It is causing a disobedience in the districts. Katniss takes stock of her new position as a rebel in District 13. Only 3 victors were saved from the arena from the last book from the Hunger video games series; Beetee who is an old guy from District 3, likewise referred to as Volts, Finnick who is the victor from District 4 and Katniss’s first ally and Katniss herself, however Peeta wasn’t among them– he’s still missing out on, together with other victors, Enobaria who is the female tribute from District 2, Johanna who is the tribute from District 7, and Annie who wasn’t in the Quarter Quell however was arrested when the arena blew up.

Katniss is still haunted by Snow and fears for Peeta’s life.

The book begins in District 12, which has actually been reduced to ashes.

Katniss alone wanted to see the district herself. This is about a month after the arena was blown up. While she is there, she reclaims Buttercup who is Prim’s cat, her dad’s old hunting jacket, a picture of her mom’s wedding event, and a book of plants. Before she leaves, she notices one of Snow’s white roses on her dresser. A hovercraft takes her to District 13 where the survivors of District 12 now live. When she returns, she enjoys an interview in between Caesar and Peeta. She is eliminated when she finds that Peeta looks unharmed, healthy even, however during the interview, Peeta calls for a cease-fire and is accused by lots of people of being a traitor. This is why later on when she chooses to become the Mockingjay, she asks for the resistance of Peeta and the other tributes in addition to searching rights for her and Windstorm, the right to keep Buttercup for Prim, and approval to kill Snow. President Coin, the leader of District 13, agrees to these conditions and Katniss formally ends up being the Mockingjay. Katniss has to star in commercials for the rebel side, called propos.

For one propo, she and a group that includes her old friend Windstorm are sent out into District 8, where they see a healthcare facility get damaged. This influences Katniss to call for justice. During the airing of an Interview with Peeta in the Capitol, Beetee is able to get control of the broadcast and air the propos for a brief time prior to a battle for control of the broadcast breaks out. During the back-and-forth, Peeta manages to send out a coded message to the rebels cautioning them of an attack. The Capitol then breaks into mayhem, the camera tilts to the flooring, screams can be heard and blood splatters can be seen, leading us to think Peeta is being tortured. Peeta Mellark cautions Katniss of the upcoming battle of District 13, after briefly combating the tracker jacker venom, which leads to him being tortured. He does this during an interview with Caesar Flickerman, when he is asked what he desires to say to Katniss, in which they are “still dragging out the star-crossed enthusiasts thing,” as Johanna Mason and the pirated Peeta referred to it bitterly later on in the novel. A shrilling alarm sounds, to evacuate the upper levels into the bunkers.

As Katniss is considered as the symbol of the uprising by the people, she composes herself and is one of the very first to reach the bunkers, coming to ensure that her mother and Prim should still be moving the health center patients. As she waits, interrupted by the flecks of blood on the bunker indication, she grabs three packs of the instructions. As time passes, her mom shows up, and they become careful of why Prim hasn’t shown up yet. She pictures herself as Prim, and unexpectedly understands the scenario. Prim, being herself, had actually rushed back to their compartment to get her precious cat, Buttercup. After much panicking, Prim, together with Wind, gets here back to security with Buttercup.

Everybody waits in the bunker for a number of days up until the battle has actually stopped. Katniss learns throughout the bombing that the Capitol is utilizing Peeta and whenever she states something versus them, they harmed him. When she is looking above ground at all the wreckage after the bombing, she sees that President Snow has actually planted more roses. Katniss begins sobbing when her camera team tells her to say a short line for the electronic camera, to show that she is alive and still fighting. Finnick explains to the perplexed cam team that Katniss understands the Capitol will harm Peeta if she does so. They inform her that she can go. The next day, people tell her that they have actually sent a group to rescue Peeta, understanding that she won’t do anything more till she understands the Capitol can’t hurt him.

While being with Peeta after a rescue team went to the Capitol to save him and fellow victors: Annie, and Johanna, Katniss is stunned that Peeta had attempted to choke her to death. While conference with Plutarch, Haymitch and Beetee with Prim by her healthcare facility bed side, she discovers that the Capitol had utilized an unusually used strategy called hijacking. The hijacking was done by giving Peeta a dosage of tracker jacker poison then revealing him a clip of Katniss and informing him she destroyed his family and friends, therefore deceiving him to hate her. After Peeta’s arrival, Boggs makes a call to Coin about his being in the squad. When he returns, he says that he believes Coin sent out Peeta personally to eliminate Katniss given that after the war, a brand-new leader will be selected and Katniss, having a lot of influence as the Mockingjay, will be a danger if her vote does not go to Coin. To shut Katniss up, Coin sent Peeta to the Team, hoping he would kill her.

After a call from Haymitch, Katniss solves to begin attempting to help Peeta remember his previous memories. The Squad develops a video game, “Real or Not Real”, to assist him separate the hijacked memories from the genuine ones. Throughout this, Peeta exposes that when he was held in the Capitol, they required him to view the execution of two Avoxes, Darius and Lavinia, under the guise of attempting to get information about the disobedience. Snow is found inexplicably dead, having actually possibly choked on his own blood or run over by the crowd. Katniss is acquitted due to her obvious insanity and she and Haymitch return to their house in District 12.

Peeta returns months after Katniss and Haymitch got here, having actually recovered profoundly from his brainwashing. Finally, Katniss surmises that falling in love with Peeta was inevitable, as he had always represented to her the guarantee of a much better future, rather than the damage she now connects with Gale. She states that she did not need Gale’s fire, as she already had it herself; she needed Peeta, who represented the hope she needed to endure “What I need is the dandelion in the spring, the bright yellow that suggests rebirth rather of destruction. The guarantee that life can go on no matter how bad the losses. That it can be excellent once again” Together with Haymitch they produce a book filled with the stories of the previous tributes and others who died in the war so that they will not be forgotten.

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