The Hunger Games Lesson Plan

  1. 1

    Why did Thresh feel he owed Katniss?

    (2 minutes.)

    Thresh felt indebted to Katniss because she had been kind to Rue – she ‘d defended her, made friends with her, and gave her a dignified send-off. Thresh felt he owed Katniss for her empathy, and he understands that his District (who is watching them on television) feels he owes her, after seeing what she provided for Rue.

  2. 2

    Why does not Katniss want to have kids? What does this say about her? Compare to Gale and Peeta.

    (6 minutes.)

    Katniss does not wish to have children because she understands that children are vulnerable. She resides in a world where children starve in the streets and are required to eliminate each other on television for “entertainment.” Her youth was interrupted by the tragedy of her father’s death and the abrupt beginning of the (very adult) responsibility of providing for her mother and Prim. She knows all too well that any kid born into her society will suffer greatly, and deals with a ruthless death at a young age. Gale and Peeta both would like a household, and Katniss can’t comprehend that.

  3. 3

    What is the only way Katniss can avoid the rage of the Capitol for defying them in the arena?

    (4 minutes.)

    She should pretend to be in love with Peeta. It must appear that Katniss had no agenda, no company; she was defenseless to the forces of love and could not bear the idea of living without him. Naturally, this isn’t real – Katniss has numerous complex inspirations for her choice to consume the berries. Possibly the most powerful of these motivations is the desire to combat the Capitol and to maintain her sense of self at all expenses – which is precisely what President Snow suspects, and precisely what puts Katniss and her family in mortal danger.

  4. 4

    Before the post-Games interview, why does Haymitch inform Katniss of the danger she remains in however not Peeta?

    (3 minutes.)

    Haymitch knows Peeta is oblivious and totally smitten with Katniss. Peeta doesn’t require to “act” anything out, so he remains in less threat if he does not understand. But Katniss isn’t driven by any comprehensive feeling: she’s a schemer, like Haymitch himself, and needs to know definitely every aspect of the scenario in order to determine how to continue.

  5. 5

    According to Katniss, what is “the most harmful part of the Hunger Games”?

    (3 minutes.)

    What occurs after she wins. This does not use to all Victors, only to her – due to the fact that her success was an act of defiance to the Capitol. They wanted to pit her against Peeta and force them to combat to the death; she made that impossible, and on live tv. Prior to, only Katniss’s life was at threat. Now that she has ended up being politicized, her whole household might be in threat as well. Bear in mind that Katniss truly has no concept what follows: will she end up like Haymitch? Will she have to conceal her defiance from the Capitol permanently? Will they come for her family?

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