The Hunger Games Lesson Plan

Multiple Option

Circle the letter representing the very best response.

1. Why is Peeta so proficient at camouflage?

  1. Katniss taught him.
  2. He has had practice decorating cakes at the bakeshop.
  3. He utilized to be in the armed force.
  4. He discovered it in training for the Hunger Games.

2. What is the name of the butcher in District 12?

  1. Greasy Sae.
  2. The Goat Male.
  3. Rooba.
  4. Expense.

3. What is the Cornucopia?

  1. A huge golden horn in the arena that holds products for the tributes to combat over.
  2. The stadium where individuals from the Capitol see the Cravings Games.
  3. The trophy that homages need to touch in order to be thought about victors.
  4. A bunker underneath the arena with a secret store of food and medication.

4. How does Katniss’s mom design her hair prior to she leaves District 12?

  1. She does not.
  2. She brushes it out.
  3. In a bun.
  4. In braids.

5. Who designs Katniss’s intense dress?

  1. Effie.
  2. Cinna.
  3. Ceasar Flickerman.
  4. Her prep group.

6. How does Katniss know when another tribute has passed away?

  1. A voice reveals it.
  2. She does not know until the Games are over.
  3. She hears a cannon shot.
  4. She hears trumpets.

7. What is the name of the military organization that enforces the Capitol’s rule?

  1. The Alliance.
  2. The Police.
  3. The Peacekeepers.
  4. The Corps.

8. How was Katniss’s father eliminated?

  1. He was carried out by the Capitol.
  2. He died of hunger.
  3. He was killed in a mining accident.
  4. He was eliminated in a hunting mishap.

9. The number of Districts are in Panem?

  1. 13, plus a 14th destroyed District.
  2. 9.
  3. 12, plus a 13th damaged District.
  4. 12.

10. What is Katniss’s relationship to Windstorm?

  1. He is her cousin.
  2. He is her searching partner.
  3. He buys meat from her.
  4. He is her partner.

11. What does Katniss’s mom do to assist support the family?

  1. She is an instructor.
  2. She is a healer and apothecary.
  3. She takes care of a herd of goats.
  4. She is a hunter.

12. Which District is Rue from?

  1. District 9.
  2. District 12.
  3. District 11.
  4. District 3.

13. Who sends Katniss bread while she is in the arena?

  1. District 12.
  2. Her mom.
  3. District 11.
  4. A rich sponsor.

14. Why does Katniss volunteer?

  1. She wishes to win the Appetite Games.
  2. She wishes to fill in her little sibling, Prim.
  3. She is tired of residing in District 12.
  4. She wants to be rich so she can give her household a comfortable life.

15. What is Peeta’s last name?

  1. Bread.
  2. Mellark.
  3. Mockingjay.
  4. Everdeen.

16. What is Haymitch’s condescending nickname for Katniss?

  1. Cat.
  2. Sweetie.
  3. Kid.
  4. Catnip.

17. What is Katniss’s weapon of option?

  1. Snares.
  2. A knife.
  3. A weapon.
  4. Her fists.

18. Which District is a “Career” District?

  1. District 2.
  2. District 12.
  3. District 4.
  4. District 11.

19. How does Foxface pass away?

  1. She starves to death.
  2. She eats harmful berries.
  3. Clove throws a knife at her.
  4. Katniss shoots her with an arrow.

20. Who wins the Appetite Games?

  1. Katniss.
  2. Katniss and Rue.
  3. Katniss and Gale.
  4. Katniss and Peeta.

Brief Answer

  1. Where does Katniss get her Mockingjay pin?

  2. What is an Avox?

  3. What is the very first thing Haymitch tells Katniss to discover in the arena?

  4. How are homages picked for the Hunger Games?

  5. What are tracker jackers?

  6. How have the professions booby-trapped their food supplies?

  7. What is District 11’s bread shaped like?

  8. How does Rue pass away?

  9. What is Peeta’s theory about how Haymitch won the Games?

  10. Why is Katniss grateful to Thresh?

Vocabulary Questions

  1. Aghast
  2. Apothecary
  3. Arbitrary
  4. Uniformity
  5. Haggard
  6. Callously
  7. Connection
  8. Barbarism
  9. Forage
  10. Pariah
  1. To appear exhausted.
  2. A castaway or social reject.
  3. Behavior that is viewed as uncivilized.
  4. Without sensation or regret.
  5. Revealing scary.
  6. Somebody who makes and sells medications.
  7. Random and useless.
  8. A communicative relationship.
  9. The quality of being the very same.
  10. To discover food in the wilderness.

Brief Essays

  1. What is Haymitch’s job?

  2. What is the significance of Katniss’s pin?

  3. Why was Katniss horrified that Peeta had likewise been chosen as a District 12 homage?

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