The Hunger Games Essays That Shows Katniss Qualities Essay

Have you ever been eliminated from your family and friends? Been pushed into a video game where to survive is the only method to win? The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is about sixteen years of age Katniss Everdeen, who resides in the nation of Panem from the far- off city called the Capitol. The Capitol divides in districts. It is harsh, harsh and keeps the districts in line by forcing them all to send one kid and one girl between the ages twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Appetite Games till the end of the death and just one make it through.

Strength and kind Katniss deals with difficulties and endures the Hunger Games. Katniss has utilized her strength to attempt and survive the Cravings Games. When Peeta Mellark had actually gotten cut by Cato’s sword, he was deeply wounded. Katniss needs to try and treat him in order to save his life. She runs towards the Cornucopia without cares of her own to get the bag pack of medication that will survive Peeta’s life.

Also, Katniss has bow and arrows that shows her strength. With her bow and arrows, she finds food and eliminates her enemies. She can do lots of things and can last longer throughout the Hunger Games.

She acknowledges, “So I concentrate on the one truly advantage that’s happened considering that I landed in the arena. I have a weapon! A complete dozen arrows if you count the one I retrieved in the tree. They bear no trace of the harmful green slime that came from Twinkle’s body”( 197 ). She had actually also used weapon when she remained in District 12 to help support her mother and her sibling, Prim. In addition to her strength, she has likewise compassion for others that succeed her to win the Cravings Games. Katniss goes to the Cornucopia to get the bag pack of medicine that will assist to conserve Peeta’s life.

At the feast Clove attacks on Katniss however prior to eliminating her, Clove makes a foment about Rue. Thresh hears her and makes it through Katniss from Clove. He does not eliminate Katniss since Katniss was rue ally and he feels that he owes her. Katniss acknowledges,” I embellish her body in the flowers. Covering the awful injury. Wreathing her face. Weaving her hair with brilliant colors”( 237 ). That reveals Katniss enjoys Rue because she looks like Prim. In conclusion, the author wishes to reveal us how we can deal with hard issues in our life with the help of our qualities. If we have excellent qualities, we can win every obstacle.

I have a pal who resides in nation of India, city is called Bihar. Bihar federal government is extremely vicious and harsh. The political status of this city is bad. Bihar city is poor and dealing with food hardship. The people of Bihar are managing by their federal government. The girls can not go to schools and colleges in this city. My friend has very smart and has good qualities. She is president of team that protests the federal government of Bihar. They utilize their strength and power to change the guidelines of their city. Finally, they was successful in their difficulty. Like those Individuals or Katniss we can utilize our qualities to prosper in our life.

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