The Hunger Games Essay

When the author writes a book we are placed in the main character’s shoes and faced with their feelings, a good author is able to show the reader the progress the primary character is confronted with. A main characters capability to establish throughout an unique with strengths and weaknesses in various scenarios helps them grow utilizing their survival, social, and physical abilities. In this unique The Hunger Games, the main character has actually gone through lots of ups and downs, which has actually lead her to establish in numerous methods, during this essay we will be assessing how Suzanne Collins resolves the development of the primary character Katniss Everdeen.

These are some examples of how Katniss has actually established her survival abilities during the Hunger Games; when being faced with a scenario that includes one dying in a video game the first skill you normally go to are your survival abilities, so that you stay alive throughout the game. Katniss went into the video games with a small benefit since her father had actually taught her hunting skills as a kid.

“My dad understood and he taught me some prior to he was blown to bits in a mine explosion.” (Collins, 5) This quote reveals that Katniss acquired searching abilities and was able to take that ability into the video game with her.

The pages were made from old parchment and covered in ink illustrations of plants. Cool handwritten blocks told their names, where to gather them, when they was available in blossom, their medical uses. But my dad added other entries to the book. Plants for consuming, not recovery.” Katniss gained knowledge of flowers and herbs that she could use to eat when she didn’t have adequate food. Katniss has a full benefit over the others since the people of district 12 generally do not have enough to eat where on the other hand, the Careers have actually had a life time of being fully fed, and they are at a downside.

This has actually prepared Katniss for the hardest days in the game without food. Enduring isn’t just going around eliminating people; you must have the ability to get food on your own to keep alive by searching or by having eatable plants and herbs, likewise to have an excellent shelter. During the Cravings Games each tribute is on their own, and sees even their own ‘partner’ as a treat in the end. Therefore, Katniss is forced to be alone making her social abilities lower. She does not get to connect with others as she finished with Gale in district 12, their long strolls nd investing the entire day together brought her closer to somebody, and she has the opportunity of losing him if she does not win the video games. “In the woods wait the only person with whom I can be myself. Gale. (Collins, 6)” Being with this character Wind makes the work easier for her since in between the 2 she doesn’t have to hunt as much, they split the collected food. When in the games, she is alone it makes hunting and enduring much more difficult than in District 12. “I wish to be high, like in the hills around District 12, where I can see my enemies approaching.

However I have no option but to keep going. (Collins, 152)” This quote explains how Katniss is alone majority of the video games and is required to always understand and alert of her surroundings. Throughout the Cravings Games Katniss has the ability to establish physically in two methods; becoming physically weak, unhealthy and gains more experience fighting. Katniss ends up being weaker in health as the days pass in the Games; she only notices this after getting home from the Video game. “However when I take a look at my naked body in the mirror, all I can see is how slim I am.

I suggest, I’m sure I was even worse when I came out of the arena, but I can quickly count my ribs. (Collins, 353)” This quote is when Katniss returns after the games and just then does she realize how bad of a state her body is in, being distracted with surviving she forgot the condition her body remained in. Katniss gains a lot more experience fighting with the other tributes throughout the Games. “When thresh whirls around on me, the rock raised, I know it’s no excellent to run. And my bow is empty, the last packed arrow having focus cloves instructions. I’m trapped in the glare of his unusual golden brown eyes. Collins, 287)” this quote shows one of the circumstances that she has actually faced while remaining in the Games and she has made it through and survived to win the Cravings Games. A main characters capability to establish throughout an unique with strengths and weak points in various situations helps them grow using their survival, social, and physical skills. Suzanne Collins has actually utilized lots of chances throughout the unique to reveal that Katniss Everdeen is able to establish. Many times she has actually shown in the Games where she has actually developed in her own methods and social, survival, and physical abilities.

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