The Hunger Games Essay

In this Action-Drama Feature novel, Katniss Everdeen, A victor from the very first novel the appetite games. Has actually fought her method through death itself. In which brings us to part two and when she fights to the death and becomes victor. Her worst enemy president Snow gets truly mad with her. n the first appetite games when Katniss was in the arena she started a small rebellion by getting some harmful berries with herself and her partner Peeta Mellark decided they where going to consume them some poisnious berrys so they would not need to kill each other while they was interupped by the government.

Little did they understand Katniss and Peeta was beginning a rebeillon which brings us to novel 3! The Mocking Jay Katniss is in the lost district 13.

District 13 capture Katniss and 2 other homages that remained in the Hunger Games But instead of imprisoned them they decide to Make Katniss the Leader of the army, Beetus as the weapons designer Leader, rewarded Finnick with his own army, Gail Was Katniss help but while these homages try to plan there attack on the capitol, the capitol is abusing the other people from districts all over except district 2 Since of the alliance there so Katniss Needs to create a plan to assist those in need while bringing the federal government down so they can have the overall freedom they been combating the federal government for years now.

This is a great unique for readers at above reading average likewise for people who like drama extreme action and a little romance here and there. I also enjoy checking out part of this book except it takes an awfully long period of time to specify of what they are trying to say or discuss but other than that it was a great story that take pleasure in.

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