The Hunger Games Essay

This paper is to be a conversation of The Hunger Games. It is mainly going to consist of a conversation of the primary styles of the movie and how the director presents these themes in forms of characters, the environment, and so on. The Cravings Games is about a girl called Katniss Everdeen, a girl from district 12 who voluntarily takes her younger sibling? s position as tribute in the Appetite Games, a telecasted fight to the death in which two teens from each of the twelve Districts of Panem are chosen at random to complete until death.

There is more than one primary style in this motion picture; some examples of these are the inequality in between abundant and bad, suffering as home entertainment and the importance of looks. Some concerns that need to be analyzed are; why Katniss begins to love Peeta when she didn? t just a day prior to? Poor individuals frequently have their name on more than one paper, why is that? Why did not the pet dogs eliminate Cato immediately when he dropped? In Panem, wealth is heavily focused in the hands of the abundant, it? s so concentrated that there is nothing left for the common people.

The people residing in the Capitol is the and particular of the districts, and the result is a huge disparity between their lives and the lives of the bad, a lot like in South Africa today. In South Africa the variation between various groups of people is huge. This variation exposes itself in numerous methods throughout the film, however among the noteworthy is food. In the poor districts, much of the locals do not even have enough to eat. In district 12 were Katniss lives hunger is really common, and she has to hunt unlawfully in the woods beyond the district’s borders to feed her household.

Although, not every family have the ability to hunt like Katniss has, this suggests that most of the other households have even less food then Katniss? s household has. Possibly the very best example of the inequality in between rich and poor can be seen in the tessera system and the method the homages are chosen for the Games. In theory, the lottery game by which homages are picked, called the reaping, is random and anyone can be picked. However, in reality the poor are far more likely than the abundant to wind up as tributes.

In exchange for extra rations of food, called tesserae, those children eligible for the Hunger Games can enter their names into the reaping additional times. Many children of poor households need to take tesserae to endure, or they need to steal food, and if they do so they get punished and have to enter their names a number of times anyhow. So the children of bad families have more entries in the enjoying than kids of rich families who need no tesserae or does not need to take. They’re more likely to be selected as a result.

Furthermore, the rich who end up being tributes tend to have an additional advantage, since they are frequently trained to take part in the Games and volunteer to do so. Cato from district 2 is an example of a homage that has offered to take part in the hunger video games. These trained homages are normally bigger, stronger, and better prepared for the Appetite Games than those bad tributes picked by opportunity. They are consequently most likely to make it through. For these abundant tributes, it is an honor to complete in the Games, while for the poor homages it is basically a death sentence.

The Appetite Games provide the homages suffering as mass home entertainment, and the more the tributes suffer, ideally in fight with one another, the more entertaining the Games become. In various points in the film they speak about the previous video games and what made them successful or unsuccessful, and the repeating theme is that the audiences wish to see the tributes battling one another and not passing away too rapidly (because then the home entertainment is over). The principle is best exemplified in Cato’s sluggish death at the end of the motion picture.

When the pets have beat Cato, they do not kill him right away, and Katniss understands that the Gamemakers desire Cato to live due to the fact that it produces an exceptionally gruesome spectacle. It is the ending of the Games, and so they want to provide extended suffering the audience in the house will not be able to turn away from. The suffering, nevertheless, doesn’t have to be purely physical. It can be mental too. Katniss’s and Peeta’s love, for example, is the subject of a lot fascination because it is presumed to be doomed.

The Gamemakers changed the guidelines of the video game just so they might get closer to each other, and in the end they changed it back so they needed to kill each other in order to win. They constantly try to produce as much suffering as possible for the tributes. Throughout the motion picture, Katniss and her group use her external look, including what she says and how she behaves, to manage how other people perceive her. At the enjoying event, for instance, she won’t enable herself to cry in front of the cameras due to the fact that she does not want to provide the impression of being weak (and for that reason a simple target).

In addition, at the opening event of the Games, the unique emphasizes how crucial looks are by focusing a lot on Katniss’s preparations. The main feature of this focus is the gown Cinna creates for her. It is covered in synthetic flames, earning Katniss the epithet “the girl who’s on fire,” and it makes Katniss stand out amongst the tributes. Drawing attention is more than just vanity in the Games. The homages that are most remarkable tend to attract sponsors, who can offer gifts that might show important throughout the Games. It works much like in reality.

For example, if you end up being really proficient at something, you get to sign a deal with a sponsor, and you get “gifts” from the sponsors. Katniss hides her tears throughout the Games for a comparable factor, as self-pitying tributes are unsightly to sponsors. A tribute’s appearance and habits can therefore serve as a significant part of their survival technique. Maybe the most notable part of Katniss’s technique includes her love with Peeta. This love is not entirely authentic on Katniss’s end. She appreciates Peeta and develops a romantic interest in him, however her feelings don’t have nearly the very same intensity as his.

For the cameras, however, Katniss highlights her sensations for Peeta and works to convince the audiences, and specifically the Capitol, that she’s deeply in love with him. The act is one Haymitch created for tactical reasons: Katniss’s and Peeta’s love story elicits more gifts from sponsors than if they’re simply buddies, and it appears even to influence the Capitol’s decision to enable 2 homages to be stated winners instead of the traditional one. Consequently, the act Katniss places on has a considerable result on both her and Peeta’s survival.

The intension of this essay was to reveal and talk about some of the main themes in this movie. The questions in the intro were; Why Katniss begins to like Peeta when she didn? t simply a day before? Some individuals have their name on more than one paper, why is that? Why did not the pet dogs eliminate Cato right away when he dropped? Katniss starts to love Peeta due to the fact that the love attracts sponsors and gives her and Peeta more gifts than if they were just pals. Additionally, it appears that the love impacts the Gamemakers to alter the guidelines of the video game to enable 2 homages from the very same district to win.

The poor people typically have more entries in the enjoying due to the fact that the poor individuals can? t afford enough food to make it through. So they need to take tesserae. In that way they get enough food to make it through, but the kids that are qualified for the cravings games need to enter their names a number of times. Cato? s slow death is a good example of how the Gamemakers desire the appetite video games to be like. They want Cato to suffer a dreadful death because it produces an exceptionally gruesome spectacle, and the more suffering the tributes get, the more amusing the cravings games get.

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