The Defense of Frankenstein’s Creature

The Defense of Frankenstein’s Creature

Victor Frankenstein, a character in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, chose that he wanted to bring life into this world; a life that would eventually go on to killing the creator himself. The Animal can be viewed as either innocent or guilty. The popular viewpoint of the Animal appears to be that he is guilty considering how he has burned down a home, established Justine for murder and killed three others. However, after taking a close take a look at the text, it can be seen that Frankenstein’s animal is not guilty. He was brought into this world with a child-like innocence, never progressed past the emotion of a child and was declined throughout his whole life triggering him to do the things he did.

Although the Creature later went on to commit criminal activities, he was not intuitively bad. Victor’s Creature was brought into this world with a child-like innocence. He was deserted at birth and left to learn about life on his own. After first seeing his production, Victor “got away and hurried downstairs.” (Frankenstein, 59) A Creator has the task to teach his Animal about life, along with to enjoy and nurture him. However, Victor did not do any of these; he did not take duty for his creature. Among the very first things that the creature speaks of is that he was a “bad, defenseless, unpleasant lowlife; I knew, and could identify, nothing; however feeling discomfort invade me on all sides, (he) sat down and wept.” (106 )

The Animal knew absolutely nothing when he was born. He might not differentiate rite from wrong. The only thing that he might feel was discomfort from being rejected by his own developer. Victor was the first to force the Creature’s child-like innocence away from him. Even after being educated by the DeLacey family his child-like innocence shines through. He read books while he came across a story of bloodshed and he “could not develop how one male could go forth to murder his fellow … (He) turned away (from them) with disgust and loathing.” (122) He was innocent in not being able to view why one would wish to eliminate another and the thought of it sickened him.

Although the Creature was informed by the DeLacey family, he never discovered anything about feelings; he never ever progressed passed the emotion of a child. After being ‘essentially informed’ by the DeLacey household, he found that he cared deeply for them. When he lastly got the guts to share his love with the family, he was right away rejected. After speaking with the animal, the grandpa exclaims “Great god! Who are you?” (137 ).

As the remainder of the family goes into the home “Agatha fainted, and Safie … hurried out of the home … Felix darted forward, … rushed me to the ground and struck me violently with a stick.” (137 ). Although the household beet him and broke his heart, he did not fight back. He specified that he “could have torn him limb from limb … However my heart sunk within me as with bitter sickness, and I refrained.” (137) The Animal never ever discovered what it is to be enjoyed back. The rejection from his ‘virtual’ family tore him into pieces and produced him to be emotionally outrageous.

The Creature was rejected throughout his entire life. Initially, he was declined at the minute of his creation by Victor, his own creator. After Victor got away, he listened carefully “fearing each noise as if it were to announce the technique of the demoniacal corpse to which (he) had so miserably given life to.” (59) To Victor the Creature was simply an error that he needed to flee from. Victor evaluated him at the quick moment that he saw him calling him demon-like and regretting that he ever produced him. He didn’t see him as any sort of living being despite the truth that the Animal saw Victor as his father or even perhaps as his God.

The Animal realizes what his developer has done to him as he says: “Accursed creator! Why did you form a monster so horrible that even you turned from me in disgust?” (133 ). The Animal understands how unsightly he is and how he is so various from everybody else. Secondly, he is declined when he has an encounter with a guy he satisfies along his journey. When the guy saw him he “screamed loudly and quitting the hut, ran across the fields with a speed of which his debilitated from hardly appeared capable.” (108 )

People ran at the sight of the animal, leaving him alone and deserted. The next rejection comes from the family that he viewed as his adopted family, the DeLacey’s, which also rejected him as explained previously. After the event at the cottage, the creature later overhears Felix’s voice trembling as he speaks of the encounter with the animal. “My better half and sister will never ever recover from the horror.” (140) The animal hears this and he is heart broken. All of these rejections have actually made him feel as if he is all alone in this world, as he was.

The Animal is innocent due to emotional instability caused throughout his life time. He began innocent and was made to do the things that he did due to never ever being enjoyed and coping with rejection throughout his whole life. Nobody worldwide was turned down as badly as the Animal was. It is not the Animal’s fault that he turned out the way that he did.

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