The Count of Monte Cristo Summary Essay

In France during the eighteenth century, Edmond Dantes along with his close friend Fernand Mondego drop in an unusual land searching for rescue assistance for their captain, who has actually simply obtained brain fever. They satisfy Napoleon and request for medical attention for their captain. Napoleon enables them to remain in his quarters. On the first night of their stay, Napoleon asks Edmond a favor. He demands he provide a “harmless, individual letter to a pal” back in Marseilles where Edmond resides.

Nevertheless, due to the fact that of Napoleon’s fantastic admiration for Edmond’s loyalty to his captain, he turns over Edmond not to speak of the letter to anyone. Regretfully their captain passes on overnight leaving Edmond, Fernand and crew to advance their method house.

When Edmond arrives home he has a nice dinner with his future spouse and dad commemorating the marital relationship and his new task as captain of the ship. Edmond gets jailed in the middle of supper for treason and brought to a man called J.F. Villefort for questioning. Apparently the letter Edmond had not the chance to deliver contained Napoleon’s army beach patrol times and locations. To Dantes’ most agonizing surprise, Mondego was the one who had in truth reported Dantes for providing the letter. The night Dantes was talking to Napoleon, Mondego had actually seen the happenings. In addition to the assistance of 2 accomplices, J.F. Villefort and Phillipe Danglar, Mondego was able to frame Dantes for treason.

When Dantes asks why he did it, Mondego reacts, “You’re the child of a clerk; I’m not supposed to want to be you,” (Mondego is the son of a Count). He is then taken to an awful prison called the Chateau d’If, where he is barely fed, bored to the point of wanting suicide and whipped on every anniversary of his arrival. After a couple of years of abuse, an older guy, Abbe Faria (a priest), digs his method into Edmond’s cell. They make a deal that if Edmond assists Faria to dig an escape he will in return, educate Edmond.

Ultimately, when Dantes makes his method back to Marseilles, he is strained by the terrible news of his daddy’s suicide and his ex-fiancee’s marital relationship to Mondego (she had been wrongly informed that Dantes was performed) a month after his “death”. After 13 years of his life eliminated from him, the only thought on Edmond’s mind is vengeance. He unfolds the Treasure of Sparta and purchases a huge estate. He then holds a house party to reintroduce himself to the world as the Count of Monte Cristo. Once social with his opponents once again, he has the ability to have Danglar fall off a dock and hung.

Then he techniques Villefort into admitting to a murder conspiracy so he’s taken away to prison for the exact same suffering he needed to withstand. Next he wins whatever he as soon as had, back from Mondego. Mercedes rediscovers Dantes and confesses her son to be with Dantes rather of Mondego. After this confession, Dantes has the pleasure of eliminating Mondego in a sword battle. In lovely conclusion, Dantes purchases the Chateau d’If with his fortune and holds an appropriate goodbye to his wise priest coach.

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