The Count of Monte Cristo Summary and Analysis of Chapters 51-60

Chapter 51

The Countess de Morcerf (Mercedes) sees Monte Cristo and pleads with the Count to spare her kid. She weeps that she too has suffered from discomfort of loss of Dantes, her lover. She did not understand that she had actually wed Dantes’ opponent, the male who had actually had him jailed. When Monte Cristo accepts let Albert live, he tells her this suggests that he will die. He is shocked when she thanks him for sparing her son. She calls him honorable and great hearted


The Countess of Morcerf gos to Monte Cristo and prospers in obtaining his sympathy. This is the first time the reader sees Monte Cristo’s inactive feelings for Mercedes. Naturally, the next morning when Albert asks forgiveness to the Count, Monte Cristo understands that the Countess had actually never ever prepared that he ought to pass away in place of Albert.

Chapter 52

The Count is prepared for the duel at 8 am. His 2nd, Maximilien Morrel, and his sibling, Julie’s, hubby are likewise present. Monte Cristo eases their fears that he has a bad shot. He puts an ace of diamonds in the four-corners of a wooden board, and shoots the center of the diamond of each card. Regardless of this he cautions them that he will not win. Monte Cristo shall shoot initially. When Albert arrives, however, Monte Cristo recognizes that his mother has actually informed him whatever. Hence Albert says sorry to Monte Cristo and offers him his hand. Monte Cristo accepts and the 2 shake hands.


This chapter highlights the Count’s extraordinary shot, which he no doubt cultivated in the 9 year interlude in between is escape from prison and the realization of his revenge. Monte Cristo was willing to die in the battle and extra Albert, however the Countess prevents this incident. She is still noblehearted, and wants to see her treacherous spouse’s honor go unavenged.

Chapter 53

Albert begins to load as soon as he arrives home, for he can not reside in Paris amidst his daddy’s damaged past. He packs jewels and a picture of his mom in his travel suitcase. When he goes to his mother’s space he finds that she too is packaging. He notifies her that he plans to live in poverty. She admires his nerve, however imparts in him her self-confidence for his future success. At this moment, Albert receives a letter from the Count. In the letter he directs Albert to a garden at Dantes’ daddy’s house. It is here where a lot of years ago he buried the three thousand francs meant to begin his home with Mercedes. He informs him that Mercedes and he have a right to this pittance, which they ought to take it. Mercedes’ accepts the proposal meaning to bring the cash with her to a convent.


Though Mercedes renounces all of her other half’s fortune, she wants to return to Marseilles to recover the percentage initially set aside for her and Dantes. The Count gives this to her, therefore showing that he has pity for the ruin he has actually brought to her.

Chapter 54

Maximilien returns with Monte Cristo from the duel, but declines a lunch date with the Count. The Count guesses he his in love, and Maximilien does not deny it. The Count ensures Maximilien that should he need anything Maximilien should concern him. The Count likewise understands that he may be falling for Haydee. The Count de Morcerf, who demands to know why his boy apologized to the Count instead of combating him, likewise visits him. Morcerf, then, wants to eliminate the Count. The Count says they ought to lose no time, considering that they understand eachother so well. Morcerf says it is to the contrary, they barely know each other. At this opening, Monte Cristo mentions the shameful deeds of Fernand Mondego’s military past, including desertion at Waterloo and spying in Spain. This irritates Morcerf who requires to know Monte Cristo’s real identity. Monte Cristo quickly becomes a sailor costume in an adjoining room. This makes Morcerf shiver and yell with horror the name Edmund Dantes! He goes house, sees his wife and kid leaving, and shoots himself.


The Count of Morcerf is vanquished in this chapter. He loses all that he has actually lived for considering that Dantes imprisonment: his better half, his son, and his honor.

Chapter 55

Maximilien goes to go to Valentine and Noirtier. He discovers that Valentine is not feeling so well. She has actually been drinking Noirtier’s medication. On the other hand, Madame and Eugenie Danglars concern reveal Eugenie’s engagement to Prince Calvacanti. Eugenie is not pleased. She longs for freedom, not a spouse. Since Valentine is ill, she is excused from their business. When Maximilien asks of their upcoming marital relationship, Valentine falls back motionless. Villefort goes to the physician, Maximilien goes to the Count. The Count is amazed to understand that Maximilien loves the daughter of an accursed family. He, nevertheless, assures that if Valentine is not dead, she will not die. The medical professional likewise speaks with Noirtier who notifies him that he has been improving valentine’s tolerance to the poison that somebody is trying to eliminate her with. Hence, thanks to Noirtier she will not pass away.

The Abbe Busoni purchases your home next door to the Villefort’s and visits Valentine.


It is thanks to Noirtier that Valentine is not dead. He has actually been boosting her tolerance to the toxin that Madame de Villefort toxins her with. He does not yet understand who the offender is. It is Monte Cristo who means to observe Valentine’s room from your home he purchases next door under the alias Abbe Busoni.

Chapter 56

Andrea Calvacanti and Eugenie Danglars are about to sign the marriage contract. There is a betrothal party at the Danglars’ house. Monte Cristo arrives and brings in much attention. Madame de Villefort exists yet Monsieur de Villefort is not. Monte Cristo discusses that it is his fault that the public prosecutor is absent. He describes that a vest was discovered which came from the killer of the thief who broke into his residence. The vest likewise contained a revealing letter. He discusses that the thief s name was Caderousse. At the reference of this name, Danglars fades. Calvacanti likewise vanishes, just in time, for authorities come for his arrest. They reveal that Calvacanti is a got away convict.


Monte Cristo accomplishes his public embarrassment of Danglars by framing Calvacanti. This likewise triggers Danglars’ child to take the opportunity to leave from marriage and her family.

Chapter 57

Eugenie is anything however dissatisfied that her marriage is now aborted. She now has a reason not to marry. She is prepared to leave that night with her friend Louise d’Armilly. They were to escape on Eugenie’s wedding night. They pack, and Eugenie dresses as a male. She cuts her hair, without regret. She is comfortable in her brand-new attire. They get away in a carriage undetected.


This chapter shows how Danglars’ has actually lost his child due to the failed betrothal plans that he had greedily cooked up. His daughter did not want to wed, yet he wanted to get more wealth. She hence flees.

Chapter 58

Meanwhile, Calvacanti gets away from Paris in a coach, and stays over night in a hotel. Brigadiers appear the following morning, and in spite of Calvacanti’s maneuvering, he is nabbed. As he escapes down through a chimney he winds up in the really same space that Eugenie and Louise are remaining in. Louise therefore calls a bell summoning the brigadiers. He is led out of the room, but not before exposing the identity of the two women.

Chapter 59

Valentine is still ill. One night she receives a visitor who is not Maximilien.

It is the Count of Monte Cristo. He tells Valentine that he has actually been viewing her space every night from your home he purchased next door. Somebody has been poisoning her medicine every night while she has been delirious. Before she consumes the medicine, he replaces the poison with his concoctions. He informs her to pretend to be sleeping and she will see the responsible person at work. Valentine does as he states. She sees Madame de Villefort pour toxin into her beverage. The Count of Monte Cristo returns and Valentine remains in shock. The Count tells Valentine that Madame de Villefort is poisoning Valentine so Eduoard will receive Valentine’s fortune. Valentine falls asleep, “an angel lying at the feet of the Lord.”


This chapter enhances the God-like role of Monte Cristo. As the Abbe Busoni he takes it upon himself to save Valentine. He functions as her divine protector. The metaphor of “an angel lying at the feet of the Lord” is a powerful one. Valentine is portrayed as worthy and good in spite of her family’s corruption and Monte Cristo is portrayed as the hand of God.

Chapter 60

Madame de Villefort goes into Valentine’s space a few hours later to see the results of her potion. She discovers Valentine dead. Her lips are pale, and her fingers are blue, and she does not hear a heart beat. A nurse goes into soon later on and notifies the household. Maximilien also drops in and hears the horrible news. He picks up Noirtier’s wheelchair and brings it into Valentine’s room, so that he too can see what has occurred. Noirtier asks Maximilien to entrust the medical professional. Villefort requires silence from the two who are leaving. He does not long for the 2 to spread the dreadful trick that his daughter was poisoned to death. He wishes to have vengeance on the murderer himself. Villefort also asks Maximilien to bring the Italian priest (Busoni) who lives next door. Abbe Busoni is currently on his way, however. Busoni enters into Valentine’s space, and bolts the door, locking himself, Noirtier and Valentine’s motionless corpse inside the space.


The Abbe Busoni has provided Valentine a potion to appear dead, yet she is not. The Abbe wishes to check Maximilien’s love. He likewise wishes to trick Monsieur de Villefort into believing his child is dead. This will contribute to his suffering and failure.

The book has been divided based upon a 73 chapter edition; this may differ from other editions.

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