The Count of Monte Cristo Summary and Analysis of Chapters 41-50

Chapter 41

Madame and Mademoiselle de Villefort have actually gone to a ball. Monsieur de Villefort stays at home to reflect on the uncomfortable events of the past few days. Soon, his very first spouse’s mother Madame de Saint-Meran enters sobbing, for her husband has actually simply died of apoplexy. She thinks that she will soon die, and is put to bed. She wishes to hurry Valentine’s marriage for she wishes to be there to bless the union. When Valentine tells Maximilien of her choice to honor her father’s and grandma’s dreams, he swears that he will eliminate himself for he can not go on living without her. Meanwhile, Valentine’s grandmother dies.

Valentine later sends out a note to Maximilien summoning him to her house’s gate, their meeting place. At half past 10, Valentine has still not arrived, thus Maximilien leaps over eviction to go find her. He must hide, however, for Monsieur de Villefort is walking in the garden with a physician. He overhears the doctor say that Valentine’s grandmother died of poisoning.

When Maximilien finally fulfills Valentine in the Villefort home, Valentine privately brings him to see Noirtier, the only one left who still enjoys her. Valentine tells Noirtier how much she likes him, and how she will eliminate herself if she has to marry Franz. Noirtier makes Maximilien guarantee to wait and to not be hasty, for he says that the marriage contract with Franz shall never ever be signed.


This chapter commences the series of Madame de Villefort’s poisonings. It is later exposed that Villefort’s better half eliminated Valentine’s grandmother in order to protect an inheritance for her son. This chapter likewise lays out the love in between Maximilien and Valentine. It likewise foreshadows Noirtier’s damage of Villefort’s strategies to wed Valentine to Franz.

Chapter 42

Monsieur de Villefort attempts to settle the marital relationship contract with Franz d’Epinay. He is however disrupted by Noirtier summoning Franz to his bedroom. Franz, wishing to win Noirtier’s approval, goes. He is nevertheless surprised by what he is about to find out. Noirtier has his safe opened that exposes the minutes from a Bonapartist conference in February of 1815. This was when Franz’s dad was assassinated. He checks out the minutes, which reveal that Franz’s father was required to a Bonapartist meeting, where he preserved his loyalty to the monarch, Louis XVIII. When he was returned from the meeting he insulted the president of the conference. The two then engaged in a duel where the Bonapartist, who remains unnamed in the minutes, wins. The body of Franz’s father is thrown into the river. Franz is surprised to lastly learn the details of his dad’s death. He is further shocked when Noirtier informs him that it was he who killed his daddy. Noirtier was president of the Bonapartist conference. Franz therefore leaves the room.


This chapter finally relates the Bonapartist occasions that transpired in 1815 which resulted in the death of Franz d’Epinay’s father. The death is shown to have actually been in a duel, nevertheless, Franz feels he can not marry Valentine. Valentine is conserved and will soon be free to marry her love Maximilien.

Chapter 43

Franz writes Villefort that he will be unable to marry Valentine. Valentine fulfills Maximilien and happily informs him that she will relate the events that took place to release her from Franz once she is his partner. The possibility that Valentine shall be his better half is enjoying Maximilien.

Meanwhile, the Count de Morcerf visits Danglars to ask for Danglars’ child’s hand for his child. In spite of the fact that the 2 had formerly discussed this union, Danglars declines. He specifies that he needs to show longer. He does not give a reason however assures Morcerf it has nothing to do with his boy.


Maximilien’s respectable patience with the Villefort’s shall be rewarded for he will quickly acquire his treasure, Valentine, as his better half.

The Count de Morcerf is likewise insulted in this chapter by Danglars who revokes their contract that their children shall marry. Danglars is wary of the scandal that is connected to Morcerf’s name. This foreshadows Morcerf’s dowfall.

Chapter 44

Noirtier summons Maximilien. Valentine communicates Noirtier’s dreams to Maximilien that Noirtier will vacate the Villefort house, and with her dad’s true blessing Valentine will relocate with him. After this, Noirtier will provide the couple his blessing for the marital relationship. Maximilien is pleased. Noirtier beverages lemonade, and Valentine provides it to Barrois. Consequently, Barrois experiences a series of fits. The physician again determines this death by poison. He suspects Valentine, however Monsieur de Villefort’s refuses this description, and the medical professional agrees to keep silent. He warns Villefort nevertheless, that more disasters will strike his home.


As soon as again death strikes the Villefort household. This time it is the servant Barrois, whose death is in fact unintended. The toxin was meant for someone else. The Doctor D’Avrigny predicts that more deaths shall take place, yet he continues to follow Villefort’s desires that the poisonings stay secret.

Chapter 45

Caderousse once again pesters Andrea Calvacanti. He requires a higher allowance. He requires Calvacanti’s diamond ring, and the design plans of Monte Cristo’s Champs Elysees’ home. He plans to rob the house, because Calvacanti tells him that the count leaves his second flooring windows open. Calvacanti supplies all the information Caderousse desires since Caderousse might ruin him by revealing to the authorities his real identity for he is an escaped found guilty.


Caderousse is continuously attempting to ameliorate his fate. He fails regularly for he was an accomplice to Dantes’ incarceration. Monte Cristo’s vengeance against Caderousse is that of magnificent justice.

Chapter 46

Monte Cristo goes to his nation home in Auteuil the day after Caderousse and Andrea’s meeting. Andrea sends out a confidential letter to Monte Cristo alerting him that an enemy of his is planning to break in to his house in Paris. Monte Cristo therefore summons all his servants away from your house, and departs to go defend it himself with his servant Ali. He is expecting a danger to his life, hence when he finds Caderousse breaking in he recognizes how little the risk is. Monte Cristo rapidly changes garb. He now is Abbe Busoni, whom Caderousse will acknowledge. Caderousse is shocked at the Abbe’s presence. He attempts to stab the Ab be, who thankfully is using a mesh protective suit. The Abbe says to Caderousse that he will forgive him, if and just if Caderousse makes it home safely. This will be a sign from God that Caderousse has been forgiven by God. The Abbe has seen a shadow lurking by his house, nevertheless. He thus anticipates that Caderousse will not return home alive. This shadow quickly stabs Caderousse as the greedy old male attempts his escape. When Caderousse is dying, he declines to acknowledge that there is a God and does Providence exist. He slams the Abbe for not having warned him of the man who awaited in the shadows to stab him. This shadow was Calvacanti. The Abbe stated it was justice. He thinks strongly in god and Providence, and it was lastly time for Caderousse to pay for his sins. Caderousse had been saved often times already, yet he had stopped working to change his ways. The abbe Busoni had saved Caderousse from death after Caderousse had actually been convicted of murder. He was sentenced to difficult labor instead. Then, Caderousse was conserved from the jail as well. here, Monte Cristo was disguised as Lord Wilmore, who gave Caderousse a file. The file was tused to free him from his chains. Abbe Busoni tells Caderousse that God no longer has grace upon him for his sins. Just as Caderousse is about to die, the Abbe whispers in his ear his real identity. This causes Caderousse to sob out that he thinks in God. The Abbe sends for a doctor and the public prosecutor, and takes a look at the corpse as says “One.”. The doctor and prosecutor discover him hoping over the body.

Prior to Caderousse had died he signed a declaration for the Abbe naming his assassin as Benedetto. The cops now search for this male.


At the close of this chapter Monte Cristo has finished his vengeance on among his enemies. Caderousse’s greed has actually finally caused his death. Since he is eliminated in Monte Cristo’s residence, the Count has the chance to speak with Caderousse in his last moments and to reveal his true identity. Monte Cristo’s function is god-like. He presumes the right to carry out divine justice upon this guy.

Chapter 47

The Count of Monte Cristo takes Albert de Morcerf on a holiday to his house in Normandy. The 2 ride in a carriage drawn by numerous stellar horses. The trip, nevertheless, is interrupted when Albert gets a message from Beauchamp exposing that a dreadful disaster has occurred to his daddy. Albert throws a paper clipping at Monte Cristo for him to read as he bolts out the door. The paper states that his dad has actually been accused of treachery. He is implicated of surrendering the Greek castles and his benefactor Ali Pasha to the Turks while he was a soldier.


This chapter brings Monte Cristo closer to his goal of destroying the Count of Morcerf. He leads Albert away from Paris just as he releases the information of the Ali Pasha affair to the newspapers. Albert becomes aware of the news and rushes back to Paris to avenge his father’s honor, not knowing that it is the Count who is responsible.

Chapter 48

Albert returns to Paris and goes immediately to Beauchamp. Beauchamp informs him of the events that took place in his absence. The newspaper had printed his dad’s treachery, yet his dad had not read it. Nevertheless, everybody else at the chamber of commerce had. Morcerf shivered at the accusation. An inquiry was carried out after Morcerf went to his home to collect documents. He had saved these documents to clear his name of his awful deed. He presented these documents to the Chamber, yet they are quickly refuted by the testimony of Haydee, Monte Cristo’s Greek slave. She positively recognizes Morcerf as Fernand Mondego, the male who had betrayed her daddy, Ali Pasha, and had actually sold her and her mom into slavery. The Chamber finds Morcerf guilty since of Haydee’s engaging statement and his failure to refute the accusation


The Count had prepared documents to show his innocence in the Ali Pasha affair, nevertheless the witness who affirms versus him is evidence of his regret. Monte Cristo has actually hence ruined his 2nd opponent.

Chapter 49

Albert is identified to seek out his dad’s enemy. He will require a battle. First, he thinks it to be Danglars, however when he goes to Danglars, he understands that it is his good friend the Count of Monte Cristo who is to blame for his pity.


In this chapter, Albert finally understands that it is the Count who is responsible for his daddy’s pity. He obviously does not think that his dad is guilty of what has been brought against him, hence Albert’s mission is now to avenge his family’s honor.

Chapter 50

When Albert goes to visit the Count he is informed that the Count is bathing, but he will be at the opera later on that night. Albert hence confronts the Count at the opera in Monte Cristo’s box. Monte Cristo consents to fight the next morning at 8 am. Maximilian Morrel will be his second. Monte Cristo believes that the sins of the dad descend upon the boy, hence he plans to eliminate Albert. He is sure of his upcoming success.


Albert is intent upon defending his father’s honor. Monte Cristo obviously has no feelings for Albert, and accepts combat. He boasts with self-confidence that he will eliminate Albert.

The book has actually been divided based on a 73 chapter edition; this might vary from other editions.

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