The Count of Monte Cristo Lesson Plan

Which Edition Should I Select?

As an immensely popular novel, The Count of Monte Cristo is readily available in a number of abridged and unabridged editions. It may be tempting to teach an abridged edition – after all, Dumas’ initial is well over 1,000 pages long!
Nevertheless, assigning your students an abridged edition of this book is likely to backfire. Unlike other long books (War and Peace, Les Miserables), The Count of Monte Cristo is not understood for lengthy philosophical variations, which could be eliminated while leaving the plot mostly undamaged. Rather, Dumas is all story: busy action, stunning twists and turns, all building up to tremendously satisfying climaxes. At 500-700 pages, abridged versions inevitably exclude crucial events, feature numerous plot holes, and ultimately confuse and irritate readers.
We recommend selecting among the 3 alternatives below:.

  • Oxford World Classics: Based on the initial 1846 English translation of the unique, which is most commonly used today. The translators took minor liberties with Dumas’ original, reflecting Victorian social mores. For example, some recommendations to a lesbian character were toned down. Nevertheless, this version retains Dumas’ style and voice.
  • Penguin Classics: A newer translation by Robin Buss. This version refashions Dumas’ language for a contemporary audience. As such, it may be simpler for today’s readers to follow, but loses some credibility. It likewise reinserts the omissions found in the 1846 edition.
  • Everyman’s Library: This variation also takes a modern-day method. It is also a little shorter than the original, having actually been slightly trimmed (but not significantly abridged).

The idea concerns in this lesson strategy provide material and concepts that students can use to write short initial essays. For the sake of enhancing the power of expression, instructors need to motivate students to compose on topics that have been gone over in class, this time in the more official composing style expected in a literary essay. At the exact same time, trainees need to not be discouraged from choosing their own topics.

The questions provided for the final paper are most suitable for student essays. Bear in mind that grading an essay needs to not depend upon an easy checklist of needed material.

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