The Count of Monte Cristo As an Intriguing Tale

The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo is an intriguing tale about a sailor called Dantes who changes his entire personality in order to get back at his opponents. Dantes becomes a number of different individuals in order to carry out his strategies. The modifications Dantes went through made his various phases as a sailor and later on as a mastermind of revenge look like day and night. Although Dantes seems very naive at the start of the story, he ends up being extremely sharp during his stay in prison. By the quantity of detail and accuracy in his strategies, Dantes as the Count can be looked as a mastermind.

Much of Dantes’ understanding originates from the old, thought to be insane, priest called Faria that taught him in jail. Faria was likewise responsible for much of Dantes character change due to his fantastic power of reasoning. Because Faria had provided him a treasure and a hunger for vengeance, Dantes wanted and had sufficient cash and power to perform revenge on his enemies. Faria is the first person that opens up Dantes’ eyes so that he can see who his opponents actually are. When Dantes first fulfills Faria, he is overjoyed since he hasn’t seen another individual, besides the guard, for years.

Faria reaches Dantes by methods of a tunnel that took him 3 years to dig with his makeshift tools. Even though he had limited resources, Faria made matches, a lantern, a ladder, and a knife. Faria concealed all these tools behind 2 different rocks in his cell. All of these things show how wise Faria really was. Faria’s intelligence is what assists Dantes make his improvement. “There is a maxim of jurisprudence which says, ‘If you wish to find the guilty individual, very first discover to whom the crime might be useful.’ To whom might your disappearance work? # 8221; This quote makes it evident to Dantes that it wasn’t just a big mishap that he went to prison. When Dantes found this out, you might see an instant change in his character. After Dantes gets the treasure that Faria provided him, he begins to put his plot for vengeance into action. The very first thing Dantes does after he gets the treasure is to change into the Count of Monte Cristo. Dantes appears to be smarter, wittier, and better as the Count of Monte Cristo. As the Count, Dantes’ very first relocation is to make a good impression on Albert so that he can get to Paris and work from there.

Dantes also poses as a priest, a sailor, and a business owner in his journeys. As an entrepreneur, Dantes’ only goal is to discover the information on why he went to jail, and to reward someone that was really his friend. The Count states to Albert: “Extraordinary however real. However, for a long time I have actually been feeling like you, that it is difficult for me to go on being oblivious of the capital of the intelligent world. Moreover, I might have made this vital journey if I ‘d understood somebody who might present me into Paris society.

Now your offer has chosen me.” (p. 133) This quote demonstrates how the Count does prefers for individuals so that person owes the Count a favor in return. When it is put in context, it seems like the Count simply utilizes people for his own gains and doesn’t truly appreciate them. The Count is practically done performing his strategies when he starts to feel like he’s really gone too far. When the Count realizes that it’s his fault that Villefort’s wife and child is dead, he actually feels guilty. At this moment the Count reveals to Villefort that he is Dantes.

Villefort freaks right after Dantes exposes himself; which is even more reward for him to feel bad. “Monte Cristo faded at the terrible sight. He understood that he had actually surpassed the limits of rightful revenge and could no longer state, “God is for me and with me. “” (p. 403) We see here how bad the Count really does feel and that we’re all human in the end and you can’t injure people forever until you begin to feel bad. The Count of Monte Cristo is a great story that assists you to realize how far the reaches of vengeance can really go.

When the Count is walking around ruining people it seems like he is more of a maker than a person. It appears like he has no feelings and can’t forgive the people who injured him. Although some people might argue that individuals who wronged the Count really had what was concerning them, a few of the Count’s actions could be viewed as unnecessary. In the end everyone will be penalized or rewarded by God and you shouldn’t be stressed over what other individuals do or say as much as you are worried about yourself.

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