The Count of Monte Cristo By: Alexander Dumas

The Count Of Monte Cristo

!.?. !? Britton Wilson Mr. White English Formalities 10/16/2014 The Count of Monte Cristo By: Alexander Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo believes that those who cause extended suffering needs to be offered extended suffering to produce justice. The Counts 3 opponents in which he causes penalty on are Monsieur de Villefort, Monsieur Danglars and Monsieur Fernand. The Count had two choices, he might make it fast and easy or he might make them suffer over a long period of time. He picked to make them suffer for a long time. Monsieur de Villefort got into problem when he had an affair with Madame Danglars.

This whole affair started when Madame Danglars was going to her vacation home Auteuil and she fulfilled Monsieur de Villefort and I think they simply had the hots for each other and decided that they were going to begin meeting up. At one point they chose they wanted a kid. As Madame Danglars was having her and baby after it was out it was assumed to be dead. When de Villefort learnt he put the infant into a box and took it out into the garden to bury it but as he was setting down the box Bertuccio jumped from the shadows and stabbed him.

Bertuccio believed that he had actually killed him however he hadn’t, he had actually stabbed the incorrect spot. Bertuccio then picked up package and ran into the shadows and he opened package thinking he would find a treasure of sorts but instead found de Villefort’s “dead” child. In efforts to save him he gave him mouth to mouth and restored him. He then takes him to a nearby orphanage and informs his sibling that there is a child there that she needs to go and get so she does.

The child is called Benedetto, when he grows up he ends up causing a lot of problem and after that escaping, he was also a gotten away convict. Monsieur Danglars is in problem with The Count since he took 5 million francs and attempted to get away with it, he is likewise in problem with The Count since he is the reason The Count was nabbed and put into jail for 14 years. He was come by Luigi Vampa and his gang. He winds up losing every last drop of his 5 million francs since Luigi charges him to purchase food and water and it is not inexpensive.

Where they are holding him is a secret place that nobody would ever consider looking, in the dark and dirty catacombs. Monsieur Danglars had been held there for so long that his hair had actually turned totally white. Fernand Mondego is in trouble with The Count because he stole Mercedes (who is the love of his life) and had a kid with her and also due to the fact that he was also part of the plot together with Monsieur Danglars that had The Count put into jail for 14 years. Fernand and The Count both like Mercedes.

The weird part is that Fernand is Mercedes cousin so that would be strange if they got married. While The Count and Mercedes are having their betrothal feast the cops burst in revealing that they have a warrant out for Edmond Dantes’ arrest, which in turn ruins his little party he was having. Fernand and Monsieur Danglars implicated Edmond/The count of being a Bonapartist which is why the cops existed to apprehend him. Those are the three individuals that Monte Cristo inflicted long pain and suffering on just to bring justice to those who deserved it.

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