The Count of Monte Cristo Critical Analysis

The Count of Monte Cristo

Critical Analysis # 2 The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexander Dumas, is an adventure novel about a boy who is betrayed for factors of jealousy and in the end gets his vengeance. The unique addresses reasonably obvious themes. There are 3 primary styles in The Count of Monte Cristo; they are revenge/vengeance, concepts of male as “his own authority”, and the value of hope. The story starts in 1815; Edmond Dantes is promoted to captain of a ship and is engaged to is future husband Mercedes.

However one of his fellow shipmates becomes jealous of his promo and Mercedes cousin is jealous of her love for Dantes. Both the men get together to frame Dantes as one of Napoleon’s representatives. Dantes is thrown in prison and forgotten for 14 years. He is unaware that his father has died and that Mercedes is now wed to her cousin. Dantes and his cellmate create a strategy to escape through a series of tunnels. Before can escape his cellmate dies and Dantes switches locations with him and is tossed into the ocean where he leaves.

He found out of a covert treasure and became very rich, and he used his wealth to get vengeance on everybody who had actually betrayed him. The first significant style of the book is vengeance or revenge. Vengeance itself is a major endeavor, and one that has serious consequences for society and one’s own conscience. The choice to look for vengeance will occupy decades of the Count’s life and modify his entire way of life and character. The Count ran the guy who was jealous of his promo into bankruptcy.

Then the Count openly embarrassed the guy who was envious of his future husband a lot that he dedicated suicide. Another crucial theme is the idea of male as “his own authority”. The Count of Monte Cristo has strong Christian styles of God, vengeance and Providence. The novel tackles problems surrounding the independence of male to act as he sees fit rather than actions guided by the will of God. To get revenge on his enemies the Count did many things that might be seen as immoral. He took it upon himself to penalize individuals who betrayed him. The last style is the value of hope.

In particular, both Dantes and the two guys in the Morrel household lose all hope of rescue at different times in the unique, triggering them all to ponder suicide. For all three men, it is indicated that because they are great, if they just hope, things will improve, however they should hope. Dante never gave up hope when he was locked up and in return he left. The Count of Monte Cristo is a novel in which the themes are easily recognized by the reader. The 3 styles are revenge, concept of guy as his own authority, and importance of hope. They are great themes and are used a lot today in modern literature.

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