The Characters In Oedipus Rex Try Very Hard To Avoid Their Destiny But Ultimately Fail

The Characters In Oedipus Rex Try Extremely Difficult To Prevent Their Destiny But Ultimately Fail

King Oedipus is a significant play about how the characters Oedipus, Jocasta, and Laius live to put all their efforts in avoidance of their destiny but eventually stop working.

Fate: Oedipus murder Laius (dad) and incest to Jocasta.

Murder and incest thought about extremely bad in Greek society penalized by Gods

Sophocles reveals characters stop working to prevent fate because of the attempts to avoid it

The character’s efforts to avoid their destiny in the past are the primary reason for how Oedipus, Jocasta, and Laius would face their awful destiny.

Oedipus a child Laius’ and Jocasta’s marital relationship with prediction: the child would kill the father and marry the mother.

They leave him on a mountain to death 1st effort

Oedipus conserved by Polybus and Merope, heard the reality from an intoxicated and the prophet.

Uninformed of truth about his genuine parents leave Corinth to avoid the prediction 2nd attempt

On the way O eliminates Laius. How they fail to avoid prediction.

His intelligence to defeat sphinx be the brand-new king of Thebes and husband of Jocasta. How they fail to prevent prophecy.

By returning to Thebes, the characters have really failed in their effort to prevent Oedipus from eliminating his father and weding his own mom.

Upon hearing the issue from Creon and the truth from Teiresias, Oedipus is still trying to prevent his fate in his ignorance.

C informs O about the polluter, killed L on his method pilgrimage.

Prior to O fulfills T, O was enthusiastic to find the truth about the polluter

Unaware that O has eliminated, start threaten people to admit

After T comes and reveal the fact, he started to avoid his fate once again

H prevents believing that he is the polluter

Start accusing T outlining with C to take control of his crown

Oedipus and Jocasta understands their failure to prevent the fate after the reality was exposed by the shepherd and messenger.

After hearing News from messenger about the death of Polybus:

Defy god

Believe he avoided prediction

Prevents the prophecy stating the oracle is wrong

O again prevents the destiny by not going back to Corinth, he might wed Merope

In response to his confidence of having actually avoided killing the dad, the messenger exposes the reality about his parents

Having surrounded by his fear, he decided to continue the investigation by calling the shepherd

Shepherd: his parents were not his parents, he exposes all identity

After the birth of his son, Jocasta has made lots of efforts to avoid the prediction offered to her kid.

Avoids fate by:

1. trying to kill the child

2. using blasphemy

3. contradicting gods

4. convince to stop investigation

Although Oedipus, Jocasta, and Laius were trying to avoid their fate, the destiny still happens.

O eliminates father

O wed mother

O penalized to be blind

Through this play, Sophocles is attempting to say that predictions from the gods of someone’s fate need to not be ignored.

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