Survival Through Harship – The Hunger Games Essay

One inspiring concept in ‘The Appetite Games’ by Suzanne Collins is survival through difficulty. In the unique, this idea is revealed when Katniss endures the Appetite Games. It is inspiring since we learn that, despite the fact that there might be challenges in our way, if we overcome challenges success can follow.

The concept of surviving through hardship is revealed throughout Katniss’ life in the book. She lives in the Seam, the poorest location of her district and given that her dad died at an early age, has been having a hard time to offer her mother and younger sis.

After hardly enduring her childhood, Katniss takes part in The Hunger Games, an annual event that includes twenty four individuals who kill each other till there is a sole victor- she endures the ordeal. During the Games, Katniss states to her brand-new ally “I’m going to win for the both people now”. By telling Rue this, it shows not only Rue, but also the readers that there can be hope despite the fact that there appear to be hardships on the horizon.

I believe that Katniss’ attitude and success revealed when she conquers the Games encourages strength and determination, motivating the reader so they can see that even when times are difficult, there is a way through everything.

Collins wished to teach us that it is possible to get rid of such challenges if we hold on to hope and attempt our very best to survive the occasions we are faced with. In Nazi Germany, among the loss, there was survival and flexibility that pertained to some, such as the households that handled to get away or prevent Hitler’s concentration camps. These people, like Katniss Everdeen, conquered their difficulties and brought want to themselves and other individuals. This idea from the text influences the readers since we desire ‘proof’ that it is possible to make it through challenges, and Collins provides it to us.

In ‘The Appetite Games’, the idea of survival through difficulty is motivating because in our world, many occasions and people can obstruct of success. Many times throughout the unique, the chances seem to be against Katniss, particularly throughout the Games- she remains in an arena with bloodthirsty teenagers, traps, and Game Makers who promote and encourage violence. Prior to she gets in the arena, she muses- “A desert, an overload, a frigid wasteland.” Katniss is showing us what she is afraid of, what she thinks the coming occasions might involve- obviously it would be harder to survive in a desert than an arena with numerous food and water. Nevertheless, the arena turns out to be a forest, which I believe offers Katniss hope due to the fact that of her familiarity with the woods. She has actually been in forests frequently throughout her life so she is more comfy in the arena, which offers her an advantage over the other homages.

When obstacles like this appear to us, normally we press ourselves harder to conquer the obstacle, specifically if our anticipation can offer us a ‘head start’. Collins wants us to see Katniss as a hero once we see her difficulty. She assists us into that state of mind by placing various references from Ancient Rome and the gladiators- when they won and ended up being victors, they were viewed as real heroes. Suzanne Collins desires us to think of Katniss like that since she shows us the value of getting rid of worries and challenges to endure. This is simply one method to inspire us to surpass our challenges- we will work harder to accomplish and be successful because Katniss reveals us it is possible.

In the novel, we likewise see that by overcoming difficulties, we can be resulted in success and success. By making it through the Games, Katniss reveals us that one individual alone can make a difference, even if it’s just by planting a concept in somebody’s mind. She gives the districts– the poorer ones in specific- hope and happiness, and unconsciously shows them the confidence that disobedience can bring. When Katniss satisfies her mentor, he states “Did I actually get a set of fighters this year?” Later on in the novel we see that he did get a ‘set of fighters’, which led him, and District Twelve, to success- Katniss and Peeta combated so tough to survive, they was successful and ended up being heroes throughout the districts.

I think the more difficulties we are confronted with, the more powerful we end up being, but it also boils down to your response to the barriers. In contrast to Haymitch, who resorted to alcohol after his trauma- or maybe Mrs. Everdeen who went into a silent anxiety after the death of her spouse, Katniss appears strong since she faces her difficulties and fears with bravery, merely disregarding her doubts and tries up until she is successful.

This makes us wish to respect her and look up to her as a character. Collins provided Katniss a history of hardship to make her more likeable and respectable as a character, and likewise to relate her to other terrific historical figures. Nelson Mandela, for instance, was confronted with racial prejudice, but overcame those problems and quickly brought faith and hope to manyaround the world through his actions in South Africa. Showing us the greatness that survival can bring motivates us to be much better people, and to influence not only ourselves, however other people too.

In ‘The Appetite Games’ by Suzanne Collins, survival through difficulty is a motivating concept because it teaches us that even though individuals or events may attempt to get in our method, despite the fact that there might be no hope, success is constantly possible. We can constantly conquer the difficulties we encounter and the majority of the time, our success will lead to achievement, joy and hope.

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