Summer Reading Assignment: Shelley’s Frankenstein

Summer Season Reading Task: Shelley’s Frankenstein

Neshad L. Potts Ms. Marinell English 31 July 2012 English 11 Summer Reading Research Interpretive 1. The point of view is informed in narrative type initially by Robert Walton and then switches to Victor Frankenstein. If the book was just told from one character’s viewpoint I think it would be less confusing. 2. The animals view on society, justice and injustice is that he feels just will never be served. 3. The primary themes in the novel are revenge and justice. 4. The function weather has in maintaining the state of mind of Frankenstein is it caused a state of mind suitable setting. 5. Shelley consists of Dr.

Darwin’s name in the preface since of the creatures extreme adjustments. 6. The type of families depicted in the novel were compared, rich/poor. 7. Victor Frankenstein’s personality is naive, pompous, intelligent and consistent. 8. The creatures character is delicate and emotional. 9. The feelings overall in the unique were worry, horror, solitude, horror, strange and unsolved. 10. The symbolism behind Victor Frankenstein’s criminal activity against nature was that he was trying to pay God and human life. Since he’s not God, nature symbolically fights him. 11. Elizabeth contributed of quick marital relationship in the novel.

Crucial 12. The animal’s look excited a disgust by the readers. 13. The elements of a gothic book in relationship to Frankenstein are he supernatural of bringing someone back from the dead especially the truth it was all various parts of people stitched and the horrific vivid descriptions of what the beast looks like. 14. Mary Shelley efficiently used nature in her novel. 15. Foreshadowing is mentioning the future. You can predict when someone dies, which appears in the book. 16. The author appears to make you feel pity about the animal and Victor. 17.

The significance of the sub-title “The Modern Prometheus” was that it’s practically the same as what Prometheus did when providing human fire. Well now Victor has actually brought life. Personal Reaction 18. The epistolary style of the novel afflicted my understanding of the book by helping me further comprehend what I were to be checking out in the following chapters. 19. I think Mrs. Saville got the letters, due to the fact that she wound up returning home securely. 20. If I were Mary Shelley’s editor, I would make sure she were to make the book more entertaining. 21. I would not advise this book to a pal, ever. It was extremely dull. 2. I feel that Victor Frankenstein is naive, yet extremely intelligent. 23. I feel that the animal is strange and odd. 24. In the introduction, when Mary Shelley stated she wanted to “think of a story that would speak ot the mystical worries of our nature and waken exhilarating horror,” in my viewpoint she did not be successful. This is due to the fact that if she had prospered, I would have really wanted to read the book. 25. I did not like the ending of the book, due to the fact that it was nothing to my surprise. 26. My favorite horror motion picture is The Haunting In Connecticut and it compares to Frankenstein due to the fact that it is mysterious.

On the other hand, it was a lot more entertaining. Quotes 1.– Mary– Reader– She has an affection for doing as she says she will 2.– Walton– Martha– Something so scary should’ve been recorded, but he’s still alive so why trouble? 3.– Stranger– Mary– Before he gets on the boat, he would like to know where they are going 4.– Victor– Walton– Victor has constantly thought that he was a professional when wanting to know how nature was created 5.– Victor– Reader– You need to know of science before you attempt and do something with it 6.– Victor -Walton– Victor began thinking that perhaps gathering dead body parts from charnel ouses and graveyards wasn’t such a great idea. 7.– Victor– Walton– He dug that body parts up, but after doing such a thing and developing an animal he seemed like an awful individual 8.– Clerval– Victor– He mores than happy to see him getting off his transport source 9.– Elizabeth– Walter– Get better and when he does people will enjoy him once again 10.– Victor– Walton– While selecting whether or not he were gon na develop an animal he didn’t understand if he truly wished to hurt others lives. 11.– Dad– Victor– If we make this animal, he will not fit in with all others. 2.– Animal– Victor– In the past, things were a lot harder than now. 13.– Creature– Victor– The animal he developed is so unsightly and horrible that it could be the Devil’s buddy. 14.– Animal– Victor– He was unable to be tamed, he was a monster. 15.– Animal– Victor– He will get back at his enemy 16.– Creature– Victor– Because he is miserable people dislike him? 17.– Animal– Victor– If he gets what he desires this one time, he will never ever request for a thing once again. 18.– Clerval– Victor– He can just be himself when he is with Victor 19.– Elizabeth– Victor I love you and constantly will 20.– Elizabeth– Victor– She is in love with his smile, and needs absolutely nothing else to live. 21.– Victor– Elizabeth– The night will be good, however something terrible is gon na take place. 22.– Victor– Walton– He wants to kill his opponent, however if he does there is an opportunity he will lose his life also. 23.– Victor– Walton– He is not to blame for all that occurred 24.– Walton– Creature– He is a hypocritical individual, due to the fact that he does things for him, however when it concerns do other things, he’s not there for him. 25.– Animal– Walton– He will not stop till he is dead

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