Songs Relating to “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe

Tunes Connecting To “Things Break Down” by Chinua Achebe

Lose Yourself- EminemLose Yourself is a tune about a young rap artist who has one shot to succeed. If he succeeds he can finally prosper and well-known and get away from the typical life. This has actually always been his dream and he now has the chance to get it. This tune connects to Things Fall Apart since in chapter 1, Okonkwo had a possibility to show everybody he was stronger than his dad was, which possibility was beating everyone at a wrestling match. He beat Amalinze the Cat who had actually been unbeaten for 7 years; this brought excellent honor to his village and made everybody respect Okonkwo.

This also proved to Okonkwo that he was absolutely nothing like his weak daddy. Okonkwo is then able to obtain a position of wealth and acquire a great and respected track record, even though his dad was outrageous and poor. Numb- Linkin ParkThe song Numb has to do with an individual having to measure up to somebody else expectations. They are pushed into being exactly like someone else. They are always smothered and don’t like that they can not be who they want to be. The person then becomes numb and he no longer cares about this individual. He will not measure up to his/her expectations any longer and will be the person he wishes to be.

This relates to Things Fall Apart due to the fact that in chapter 2 you can see that Okonkwo pressures his child, Nwoye, to be much like him. Okonkwo discover Nwoye to be lazy and not manly enough so he beats and nags at him continuously. Nwoye then becomes more connected to Ikemefuna who is reveals care and comfort and becomes less connected to his dad who is even more heavy-handed and challenging. Rain- Sarah BrightmanRain is about a woman wishing rain. She feels that having it rain is the only opportunity to start once again. She continues begging for rain and saying it’s the only chance of living.

This associates with Things Fall Apart since in chapter 3 there was a dry spell. This triggered awful harvest and numerous farmers were ravaged. Okonkwo had actually planted 400 yam seeds and could just keep one third of the harvest. This was Okonkwo’s chance to start a farm and become a terrific farmer, however the absence of rain would not enable it. Lots of farmers prayed to the Gods for rain, like the female in Rain does. This is the only chance they have throughout the year to grow crops, however due to the fact that of the lack of rain they are not able to harvest as well as they wanted they might have.

A Forest- The CureThe tune A Forest has to do with a person looking for a girl in the forest. He hears her calling her name and keeps pursuing her through the trees. In the end he recognizes he is alone in the forest and the girl was never ever actually there at all. This relates to Things Fall Apart because in chapter 11 Ezinma is eliminated by the priestess; Ekwefi, her mom, then follows them. Ekwefi is frightened that Ezinma will be eliminated so she follows them through the towns and the forest. Similar to in A Forest he is running through the forest in search for the lady she likes, her daughter.

In the end however, the priestess takes Ezinma into the cavern which she knows she can not go into. Into the Black Hole- Gamma RayInto the Great Void is a song about a person who feels there’s no location for him. He has gone away from home in look for a location to go. He feels angered that he does not belong in society. He feels the only location for him to go is to go where no ones ever preceded. This tune was chosen due to the fact that it relates to when Okonkwo crazes Fall Apart was banished in chapter 13. During a funeral service, Okonkwo’s weapon accidentally explodes and eliminates a sixteen-year-old.

Killing a clansman is thought about a criminal activity versus the earth goddess, so Okonkwo must pay back for his actions by taking his household into exile for 7 years. Okonkwo gathers his most important valuables and takes his family to the town Mbanta. This associates with the tune since the people of Okonkwo’s town feel there is no place for Okonkwo there up until he compensates what he does. Okonkwo and others feel irate and feel it is unreasonable he and his household have to pay such a big price and be exiled for an unexpected killing. Sunday Bloody Sunday- U2Sunday Bloody Sunday is a song about a massacre.

It speaks about hurt kids and dead bodies lying throughout the street. It likewise speaks about how a lot of people have actually died yet absolutely nothing great has actually come out of it, they were all pointless killings. This tune was chosen because it associates with the damage of Abame in chapter fifteen. This relates to the song since the villager’s of Amabe killed the first white man to come even if they couldn’t comprehend what he was saying. This later caused Abame’s massacre by the white guys. A group of white men surrounded Abame’s market and they shot and eliminated almost everybody.

Similar to in Sunday Bloody Sunday there were numerous meaningless killings that had no excellent to come out of them. God Will Make A Method- Don MoenThe song God Will Make A Way has to do with God constantly being there for you. It discusses how God will constantly make a way and be a guide. It also speaks about how God will constantly enjoy and look after you and make you a stronger individual. This tune speaks about all the excellent God can do for you. This relates to Things Break down due to the fact that the Christian Missionaries came to Nigeria to attempt to convert them into the Christian faith and to believe in one God.

The missionaries speak about all the good God can do for individuals of the village. As you discover in chapter sixteen, Nwoye becomes extremely thinking about the Christian faith. He feels the Christian faith addressed questions he had about the death of Ikemefuna and the brand-new born twins that had been troubling him. Similar to God Will Make A Method, Nwoye begins wanting to God for comfort and strength. Creed- One Last BreathOne Last Breath is about committing suicide. He begs for aid and says that he has quit. He ‘d down to his lastly breathe and has lastly given up on life.

He feels like all hope is lost and it’s time for him to lastly go “six feet under”. This tune was selected due to the fact that of Okonkwo’s suicide. Okonkwo’s greatest fear was to be weak, and that is precisely what he ended up being. In contrast to the song, Okonkwo believed all hope was gone chose it was finally time for him to go. Okonkwo wound up hanging himself. In both One Last Breath and Things Fall Apart you can tell how desperate both of them are and how they are in need of aid. Both the individual in the song and Okonkwo feel that they need to give up on life.

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