Sight and Blindness in Oedipus Rex

Sight and Blindness in Oedipus Rex

We feel hat in Oedipus Rexes, loss of sight separates the knowledgeable, those who see the whole scenario and in return are not punished, and the tragic figures, those who can’t see or will not see and suffer the effects in return. Physical blindness in the play serves a contrasting meaning. In life, physical loss of sight usually represents a failure or handicap, and those individuals afflicted with it are pitied. However in this case, physical blindness is somewhat Of an asset. It eliminates the distractions of the outdoors world and enables the characters to gain insight or concentrate on what they get from the gods.

Likewise in Oedipus Rexes, loss of sight acts as a punishment for rebelling against the gods. Another thing we observe about the physically blind characters in Oedipus Rexes is that they reside in isolation from the rest of the community, which is likewise common in actual life outside the play. The seer throughout the piece and Oedipus living out his punishment represents physical blindness in the play. The seer is physically blind and is the character we feel most benefits from it, due to the fact that he is the one picked by Apollo to relay his message to the people of the earth. The seer already knows all due to the fact that Apollo reveals it to him.

Therefore, although he is blind he still is experienced and sees all things. In the play, Chorus states, “This is Terrifies, this is the holy prophet in whom, alone of all males, fact was born” (Scene 1, line 82). Another quote is when Oedipus was imploring Horrifies for his assistance stating, “Horrifies: seer: student of secrets, of all that’s taught and all that no guy tells, tricks of Paradise and tricks of the earth: Blind though you are …” (Scene 1, line 84). This acknowledges that Oedipus together with his people understands that the seer has a injection to the gods, and knows all though he is physically blind.

When it comes to Oedipus, loss of sight was a punishment for his neglect of the truth. Oedipus finally concerned the awareness of his lack of knowledge, and his self- mutilation is, in a manner, memorizing his past intellectual condition. But even in this, Oedipus feels that blindness will end up being somewhat of a property to him in the after life. “This penalty that I have laid upon myself is just.” says Oedipus, “If had eyes, I do not know how I might bear the sight of my dad, when I came to your home of Death, or my mom … (Scene 4, line 139).

In this statement Oedipus tells the reader that his loss of sight is a punishment he inflicted on himself, however likewise that it will secure him from the discomfort of having to kick upon his parents who he has shamed and who have shamed him. Much of the characters in the play suffer from intellectual loss of sight. They do not see the fact and contradict it. This is a typical condition in many people in real society. It’s a very human response utilized in order to deceive ourselves in thinking something troubling isn’t the way it appears.

Although possessing his defect may humanism a character in our eyes, it doesn’t remedy their actions or make them good. One character that struggles with intellectual blindness is Oedipus’ mom Estate. After realizing she has actually committed incest with her son, the exact same kid she and her other half tried to rid themselves of many years ago, she still contradicted what was gazing her in the face.” No.” says Estate, “From now on, where oracles are concerned, I would not waste a doubt on any” (Scene 2, line 330). This quote is her submitting to her intellectual blindness and declining to follow re caution from Apollo.

Here Estate attempts to denounce the gods. This reaction is a prime example of human emotion. But as all of us know, denying something doesn’t make it go away. In her rejection and anger she begs of Oedipus to stop asking questions, generally due to the fact that she already understands the response. “For God’s love let us have no more questioning! Is your life nothing to you? My own is discomfort enough for me to bear.” (Scene 3, line 138) is what Sockets says to Oedipus. At this point she has actually become desperate. In the end she lastly stops trying to deny her sin and really afraid thing by commits suicide.

Horrifies represents the contrary to intellectual loss of sight. As talked about earlier, he knows all there is to learn about Oedipus’ situation. However something to be stated about knowledge in the case of Terrifies is that it is hard to possess, due to the fact that “Ignorance is bliss”. It is simpler to blind yourself to the vulgar realities of life than to accept them and attempt to work through them. Horrifies even declines to speak what he understands to Oedipus stating, “You are all ignorant. No: will not inform you what I know. Now it is my misery …” (Scene 1, line 112).

Even for a seer, the truth can be a hard thing and he states “How readers knowledge of fact can be when there is no help in fact! Knew this well however did not act upon it; else must not have come” (Scene 1, line 101). Here Horrifies admits his grief and points out a reality that with power comes responsibility, due to the fact that although the fact is difficult it is still his task to tell it. However in the same case as Estate, Oedipus at first refuses to see his fate. “But I say you, with both eyes, are blind: you can not see the wretchedness of your life …” (Scene 1, line 1 96) states the seer freely, telling Oedipus of his own blindness.

As a defense to Terrifies’ allegations, Oedipus tries to place blame on Akron, his brother-in-law. As the story goes on you started to pity Oedipus more for his helplessness. A factor this may be the case for Oedipus and not his mom is since although the fact may be frightening for him, he still presses on towards the truth in the end. “Inform me who made these great discoveries? Akron?” (Scene 1 line 161 This quote exposed his foolish tendency to jump to conclusions rather of going back and believing things through, which WOOL_SLD expand his view and allow him to examine and see his circumstance.

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