Short Summary of “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens unique “A tale of two cities” is in fact a tale of two European cities- London and Paris. It’s 1775. Dr. Manette makes his method on a disturbing mission to the heart of the most romantic city on Earth-Paris.

This was a time when the doctors were arrested in Paris without any trial and Dr. Manette got detained and locked in the worst jail ever- Bastille. He serves 18 years of the sentence and is extremely heartbroken once he leaves the prison. Fate has its own methods. The physician now stays with his old servant, Earnst Defarge. He now wishes to return back to London where he can live peacefully with his daughter. He is free from prison however pain lies in his heart and he seldom talks to anyone. He is hectic in cobbling shoes and remains alone in his dark room.

Dr. Manette has the best child on the planet and all this wise lady has an interest in is making her daddy fit and healthy. Lucy brings her father back to London and Dr. Manette is now on the choice of health. He now becomes a practicing doctor and soon begins living a fantastic life with his daughter in Soho. His daughter Lucy is a loving and kind- hearted woman and she makes her daddy ignores the pain he has actually suffered in the past. Both of them are called witnesses in a treason case.

A young man called Charles Darney is accused of offering some secret info to the French federal government. Lucy somehow saves him of the blame and Charles is now totally free. He falls deeply in love with Lucy, who has another secret admirer too whose name is Sydney. Sydney thinks that he does not deserve Lucy and now Charles get married to Lucy. On his wedding, Charles exposes a deep trick to his father-in– law; his family secret. He reveals that he is a French nobleman belonging to the household which led the medical professional to serve jail for 18 long years.

At First, Dr. Manette is surprised but slowly he realizes the reality that though Charles daddy and uncle are not smart, he enjoys Lucy a lot and thus permits Charles to marry his stunning child. Dr. Manette has actually now started living with his child Lucy and his son-in-law Charles and makes a good income by making money as a tutor. Charles has actually shown to be the very best son-in-law ever and Dr. Magnet is also overwhelmed to see his child happy. Can Charles also request forgiveness from his father’s and uncle’s side. Dr. Manette says that Charles should not be sorry since no one can assist in the matters of faith. The tale of 2 cities therefore has a delighted ending much like the other novels of Charles Dickens.

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