Rules of Law in Lord of the Flies

Guidelines of Law in Lord of the Flies

In Golding’s unique, “Lord of the Flies,” a group of English schoolboys are stranded on an island after their plane gets shot down. Two of the boys, Ralph and Piggy take place to come upon a conch shell. Golding uses this shell to symbolize the rule of law, which in civilization, holds the wicked nature of individuals in check. This guideline of law separates civilization from savagery. Throughout the book, the weakening respect for the conch parallels the descent from civilization to savagery.
Throughout this book, the conch signifies the rule of law. After Ralph fishes the conch out of the ocean, he blows into it to summon all the kids on the island. The boys choose Ralph as leader and he states that whoever holds the conch is the only individual enabled to speak. The conch means law and order in a democracy, where everybody deserves to be heard. The shell becomes a symbol of democratic order as Ralph and Piggy turn it into an anchor to civilization. Outside of assemblies, the other young boys in some cases fail to follow the rules. However, once the conch is blown, they all return together. The regard for the conch, the rule of law, is strong initially.
As power shifts to Jack, respect for the guideline of law damages and civilization starts to crumble. This starts when Jack specifies that the conch has no power on the mountain. Afterwards, the boys follow the rules less and less. For instance, everyone assisted to construct the very first shelter, however just four helped to construct the second and just two helped to develop the 3rd. Eventually, Jack makes a competing group where they have no conch, and when Ralph tries to reason with him, Jack states that the conch has no power anymore. When Jack states this, it shows that their ties with civilization have actually been broken and Jack has actually come down into savagery. At the end of the unique, the democratic power system is symbolically terminated by the destruction of the conch: “The conch blew up into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist” (Golding 181). The shattered conch signifies the end of factor and civilization. In this case, the conch is the last thing that is holding the democracy together; with the conch shattered, all that Ralph and Piggy have defended is damaged and gone forever on the island. With the conch gone, the boys catch savagery and dictatorial guideline by fear begins. They eliminate a mom plant suckling piglets and begin to yell stick it “Right up her ass”. Later on they eliminate Piggy and Simon, 2 of the kids still clinging to civilization. Finally Jack orders the kids to hunt Ralph, cut his avoid and put it on a stick as an offering to the “beast”.
The savagery arised from the disintegration of the guideline of law. The conch was a symbolization of this and it helped the young boys come together and end up being connected to civilization. However, the power of the conch begins to weaken and when it does, it starts their descent from civilization to savagery.

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