Rule of Leadership – Lord of the Flies

Guideline of Management– Lord of the Flies

Golding is showing how law and order holds a society together and how disordered a society could get without it. William Golding’s The Lord of the Flies is a movie and unique about a group of young schoolboys being stranded on an isolated island due to an aircraft crash. The film shows how without law and order, a society collapses leading them to forget about guidelines and policies, democracy, civilization, organization and ultimately triggers serious savagery to emerge over leaders causing corruption.

The very first act of order is revealed when the protagonist Ralph, functions as chief of the group by adhering to an agreed set of rules made by him. Ralph and his fellow school children represent substantive law as they list all rules, responsibilities and rights in a sensible manner. By verbally codifying the guidelines and responsibilities for the members in the group, Ralph preserves, protects and civilizes his society. Therefore, Ralph’s guideline of law shows how he ensured survival for his group to some level. Although Ralph was leading for a while, individuals began to question his management.

Although a lot of members wanted to follow Ralph and use his rules, Jack began to rebel. At one point in the movie, Jack questioned Ralphs guidelines by saying, Who cares? Ralph snapped at him saying, Due to the fact that its the only thing weve got. Although Ralph was appropriate, Jack started to revert to his first impulses with the others following, causing the society to collapse into anarchy. With this anarchy Jack represented the code of Hammurabi. He thought that the fundamental laws need to be for retribution and vengeance.

Through Jacks retribution, with his groups help he eliminated 2 schoolboys, Piggy and d Simon. Jack followed the intention of An eye for an eye as he dedicated the death sentence. Piggy committed the criminal activity for trespassing into Jacks residential or commercial property causing Jack to carry out justice. Hence, Jack and his savages show how the guideline of law can become broken down and changed. The unfavorable and favorable impacts of law and order that is shown by Jack and Ralph in The Lord of the Flies can be compared to governing styles of nations in truth.

Canada can be compared to Ralphs design of management as both illustrate a fair, egalitarian democracy. The people and members of Canada and Ralphs group regard the rules and policies made with minimal controversy. This is why Ralphs decisions and Canadas constitution is successful. Conversely, Iraq can be compared to Jack. Unlike Canadas Stephen Harper, Iraqs previous leader Saddam Hussein was a leader who misused and disrespected the guidelines of order in his country. Hussein also eliminated citizens of his own country simply as Jack eliminated Piggy.

Even with Goldings movie being fictional, its presentation of the function of law in society can be associated to the real life. Therefore, Goldings quote, Weve got to have guidelines and obey them. After all, were not savages, illustrates how the stranded school children start as a civilized society with order, just to be overthrown and decreased by the savage leader Jack. Russian thinker Leo Tolstoy when wisely declared, Composing laws is easy, but governing is difficult.

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