Quotes with Page Number Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Quotes with Page Number Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

“The white guy is very clever. He came quietly and peaceably with his religion. We were amused at his foolishness and permitted him to remain. Now he has won our bros, and our clan can no longer act like one. He has actually put a knife on the things that held us together and we have actually broken down.”

— Page 198–“There is no story that is not real, The world has no end, and what is good amongst one people is an abomination with others.”
—-“There is no story that is not true. “—-“A man who calls his kinsmen to a feast does not do

so to save them from starving. They all have food in their own houses. When we congregate in the moonlit town ground it is not due to the fact that of the moon. Every male can see it in his own substance. We come together due to the fact that it is good for kinsmen to do so.”—- “If I hold her hand she states,’ Do not touch!’If I hold her foot she says’Don’t touch!’

But when I hold her waist-beads she pretends not to know. “– Page 56–” If you don’t like my story, write your own “—-“When the moon is shining the cripple becomes starving for a walk”—-“Then listen to me,’he stated and cleared his throat. ‘It

‘s true that a kid belongs to its daddy. However when a father beats his kid, it

seeks sympathy in its mother’s hut. A man belongs to his fatherland when things are great and life is sweet. However when there is grief and bitterness he finds haven in his motherland. Your mother is there to safeguard you. She is buried there. Which is why we say that mother is supreme. Is it best that you, Okonkwo, should bring your mother a heavy face and refuse to be comforted? Be careful or you might disappoint the dead. Your duty is to comfort your better halves and kids and take them back to your fatherland after 7 years. But if you enable grief to weigh you down and kill you, they will all pass away in exile.”– Page 19–“Age was appreciated among his individuals, however accomplishment was revered. As the senior citizens said, if a child cleaned his hands he

might eat with kings.”—-“Among the Igbo the art of conversation is related to extremely highly, and sayings are the palm-oil with which words are eaten.”—-“Maybe down in his heart

was not a terrible guy. But his entire life was controlled by fear, the worry of failure and of weakness.It was much deeper and more intimate that

the worry of evil

and capricious gods and of magic, the worry of the forest, and of the forces of nature, sinister, red in tooth and claw.Okonkwo’s fear was higher than these. It was not external however lay deep within himself.”—-“Do not despair. I understand you will not anguish. You have a manly and a happy heart. A happy heart can make it through a basic failure due to the fact that such a failure does not puncture its pride. It is more difficult and more

bitter when a male fails alone.”—-“Mr. Brown had actually considered absolutely nothing but numbers. He needs to have understood that the kingdom of God did not depend on big crowds. Our Lord Himself worried the importance of fewness. Narrow is the method and couple of the number. To fill

the Lord’s holy

temple with an idolatrous crowd clamoring for indications was a recklessness of long lasting effect. Our Lord utilized the whip just once in His life– to drive the crowd far from His church. “– Page 209–” It constantly surprised him when he considered it later on that he did not sink under the load of misery.”—- “A child can not spend for its mom’s milk.”—-” The world has no end, and what is great amongst one people is an abomination with others.”

—-“You do not know me,

‘stated Tortoise.’I am a changed male. I have learned that a guy who makes difficulty for others makes problem for himself.”—-“Mosquito […] had asked Ear to marry him, whereupon Ear fell on the floor

in unmanageable laughter.” How much longer do you think you will live?”she asked.”

You are

already a skeleton. “Mosquito went away embarrassed, and at any time he passed her method he told Ear that he was still alive.”

—-“At the

most one could say that his chi or … individual god was excellent. But the Ibo individuals have a proverb that when a man states yes his chi states yes likewise. Okonkwo stated yes extremely strongly; so his chi concurred. “—-“The world is large, stated Okonkwo. I have actually even heard that in some tribes a male’s kids come from his partner and her family.That can not be, stated Machi. You might also state that the female rests on top of the guy when they are making the infants. “—-“There was a saying in Umuofia that as a guy danced so the drums were beaten for him.”—-“If you had been poor in your last life I would have asked you

to be abundant when you come again. But you were abundant. If you had actually been a coward, I would have asked you to bring courage. However you were a courageous warrior. If you had passed away young, I would have asked you to get life. But you lived long. So I will ask you to come once again the method you came before.”—-“Eneke the bird

says that since males have learned to shoot without missing out on, he has discovered to fly without setting down

.”—-“Ogbuef Ezedudu, who was the oldest man in the village, was informing 2 other men when they pertained to visit him that the penalty for breaking the Peace of Ani had ended up being very mild in their clan. “It has not constantly been so,”he stated.” My daddy told me that he had been informed that in the past a male who broke the peace was dragged on the ground through the village up until he died. but after a while this custom-made

was stopped since it spoiled the peace which it was implied to protect.”—-” You think you are the greatest victim in the

world? Do you know that guys are in some cases eradicated for life? Do you know that men sometimes lose all their yams and even their children? I had six other halves once. I have none now other than that young girl who understands not her right from her left. Do you know the number of kids I have buried– kids I begot in my youth and strength? Twenty-two. I did not hang myself, and I am still alive.”—- “When mother-cow is chewing turf its children view its mouth “—-“When a man is at peace with his gods and ancestors, his harvest will be great or bad according to the strength of his arm.”—-“Unoka

entered into an inner space and quickly returned with a small wood disc containing a kola nut, some alligator pepper and a lump of white chalk.”I have kola,”he announced when he sat down, and passed the disc over to his visitor. “Thank you. He who brings kola brings life. However I believe you ought to break it,”responded Okoye passing back the disc.”No, it is for you, I believe,”and they argued like this for a few minutes before Unoka accepted the

honor of

breaking the kola. Okoye, meanwhile, took the swelling of chalk, drew some lines on the floor, and after that painted his big toe.”—- “We do not request for wealth since he that has health and kids will also have wealth. We do not hope to have money but to have more kinsmen. We are better than animals due to the fact that we have kinsmen. An animal rubs its itching flank versus a tree, a male asks his kinsman to scratch him. “—-” He saw himself and his dads crowding round their ancestral shrine waiting in vain for worship and sacrifice and finding absolutely nothing however ashes of bygone days.”—— Chinua Achebe, Things Break Down

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