Quiz on Oedipus the King

Test on Oedipus the King

Test on Oedipus the King: Round 1: 1. Who wrote Oedipus the King? 2. In which Greek city did Oedipus live in with his embraced parents? 3. What are the names of Oedipus’ adopted moms and dads? 4. What does the name Oedipus suggest? 5. Where is the place where Oedipus eliminates his father? Bonus offer Q. What are the names of Oedipus’ 2 daughters? Round 2: 1. Name Oedipus’ genuine parents. 2. Where is the play set (place and city)? 3. What was the response to the riddle of the Sphinx? 4. Who is the God of Healing? 5. What problem was Thebes dealing with when the play started. Bonus offer Q. Who is the God of Greek cities? Round 3: 1.

When Oedipus was a baby where was he delegated pass away? 2. Why did Oedipus leave his city and his embraced parents? 3. Who states this: “Destiny guide me always”. 4. What is the name of the blind prophet? 5. What does the prophet accuse Oedipus of? Reward Q: When was this play written (which century)? Round 4: 1. Who said these words: “Absolutely nothing can permeate the future”. 2. Who is the third in line to the throne in Thebes? 3. How did Jocasta state eliminated Laius? 4. Towards completion of the play who is the essential witness that they are looking for? 5. How does Jocasta eliminate herself? Bonus Q: Describe exactly what the Sphinx is? Round 5:. Who stated: “Time is an excellent healer, you will see.” 2. Why does Oedipus select not to commit suicide however to reside on 3. What did the Sphinx do to anyone who could not resolve the riddle? 4. What does Oedipus threaten to do to the Sheppard if he does not tell the truth? 5. Who does Oedipus call down curses on? (3 different people). Benefit Q: What is the last line in the play? Round 6; 1. Oedipus says: “So I will fight for him as if he were my daddy.” Who is he speaking about? 2. Who provides Apollo’s oracle about the pester. 3. Who informs Oedipus that he is not Polybius’ son, which forces him to leave his father? 4.

How did Oedipus become King of Thebes? 5. How many kids did Oedipus have? Bonus offer: Where is the oracle that they seek advice from throughout the play? Answers: Round 1: 1. Sophocles 2. Corinth 3. Polybius & & Merope 4. Inflamed Foot 5. Place where the 3 roads fulfill. Reward: Antigone & & Ismene Round 2: 1. Laius & & Jocasta. 2. Royal Home, Thebes. 3. “Guy”– Q. What walks on 4 feet in the morning, two at noon, and 3 in the afternoon? 4. Apollo 5. Pester Bonus: Athena Round 3: 1. Mount Citheron 2. Oracle that he ‘d kill his dad & & marry his mom. 3. Chorus. 4. Tiresias. 5. He is the killer that they are searching for.

Benefit: 5th century B. C Round 4: 1. Jocasta 2. Creon 3. By thieves 4. Shepherd 5. She hangs herself Reward: riddle loving beast– with the body of a lioness, the head of a woman & & wings. Round 5: 1. Creon. 2. Since he wishes to suffer the fact & & could not face his parents in death. 3. Consumed them. 4. Twist his arms/ eliminate him 5. 1. The murderer 2. Those who disobey his orders. 3. Himself if he shows to be an inmate of Oedipus’ home. Perk: “Count no male delighted until he passes away, devoid of discomfort at last”. Round 6: 1. Laius 2. Creon 3. An inebriated man at a banquet 4. Resolved the riddle of the Sphinx 5. 4. 6. Perk: Delphi

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