Psychoanalytical Perspective: Othello

Psychoanalytical Perspective: Othello

Psychoanalytical Viewpoint Othello Karen Motorist South University Online Structures 2 October 13, 2011 In order to utilize psychoanalytical viewpoint to analyze a play the reader should first comprehend what it implies. “Psychoanalytical analyses aim to reveal the influence of the subconscious in the text’s plot, setting, conflict, symbols, perspective, language, and character development”(South University Online, 2010, para. 3). Using this style to analyze the play, the reader can focus on specific locations of dispute in the play. One example of this is the belief that Desdemona has been cheating on Othello with Cassio.

Although the reader knows this is not the case, Iago desires Othello to believe it to be true. Another thing that can be examined is the significance of Desdemona’s scarf. There is a definite significance for this product, and for that reason it is very important to analyze its use in the play. Lastly the reader is result in take a look at the overall attitude of Iago throughout the play. Taking all things into account; the deceptiveness on Iago’s part concerning Desdemona’s adultery, Desdemona’s handkerchief in addition to Iago’s attitude throughout the play, it is easy to see how psychoanalytical perspective is an important method for the reader to take a look at the play.

Deceptiveness is a key consider Iagos’ strategy. Iago is able to make Othello believe that Desdemona is cheating on him. He starts a strategy in movement that is not just incorrect, but likewise spiteful. Iago takes the trust that Othello has bestowed upon him, and completely twists everything in a way to benefit himself. “Or to be naked with her good friend in bed An hour or more, not indicating any damage?” (Shakespeare, 2011, 4. 1) Iago tries to make Othello think that Desdemona is having an improper relationship with Cassio. Iago puts in the time to set things approximately help reinforce his case in this regard.

He has his girlfriend take Desdemona’s scarf and make a brand-new one that is precisely the exact same and has it planted in Cassio’s space for them to discover at another time “I will in Cassio’s lodging lose this napkin, And let him find it”(Shakespeare, 2011, 3. 2). In the beginning of the play Iago takes fantastic care to make Othello jealous. It appears that Iago has actually been successful in this job. Using psychoanalytical viewpoint the reader can determine the significance of the scarf that Othello has actually provided to Desdemona.

This one product was given to her before they married, and she should never be without. Iago arranges for it to be taken in order for it to be positioned in Cassio’s space “What handkerchief? Why, that the Moor first gave to Desdemona; That which so often you did bid me steal” (Shakespeare,2011,3. 3). This is something that is really identifiable to Othello as coming from his partner. When he finds it has been found in Cassio’s space, what is he to think besides that Iago is informing him the truth? This is a one of a kind product that only Desdemona has.

Any other scarf would not be as recognizable. Once the reader finds out the value of the handkerchief they have the ability to see how Iagos’ mindset also impacts the other characters. Throughout the whole play Iago has an attitude of vengeance. He is disturbed that Othello did pass by him to be in charge. For this he creates a strategy to make Othello unpleasant, and envious “I dislike the Moor: my cause is hearted; thine hath no less reason” (Shakespeare, 2011, act 1). Iago does whatever in his power to make Othello definitely unpleasant.

He leads Othello to think his partner betrays to him to the degree that at the end of the play Othello kills his better half. Not just does he eliminate his other half in a jealous rage, once he finds out the fact he kills himself too. If not for Iagos’ strategy Othello would have had no factor to be envious and eliminate his better half. Shakespeare leads the reader to view the play in many different ways. The attitude of Iago throughout this particular play leads the reader to see him as the sneaky, evil character. Using the handkerchief throughout the play is genius.

To take something that would generally have little significance and make it essential is excellent. Psychoanalytical viewpoint is a certainly a terrific method to view this particular play. References: Shakespeare, W. (2005 ). Othello [electronic variation] Recovered from the William Shakespeare SiteMap: http://www. william-shakespeare. info/script-text-othello. htm South University Online. (2010 ). ENG1002: Composition/literature: Week 3: Psychoanalytic ways of reading The Awakening. Obtained from myeclassonline. com

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