Power and Corruption on the Animal Farm

Power and Corruption on the Animal Farm

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This popular quote exposes the propensity for someone to desire power so much that he interrupts the stability and peace of a society. These power-hungry rules use their position to technique and kickback other individuals into promoting their own self-serving goals.

In Animal Farm, George Orwell uses the main character, Napoleon, to communicate the style that one unjust person with unlimited power can alter the social structure of society by utilizing and deceiving people.

Napoleon, like the leader he is called for, uses the pet dogs, the sheep and the pig to reach his goals. The 9 pet dogs are utilized to frighten and oppress the animals. The pet dogs chase Snowball out of the meeting when his concepts threaten the sovereignty of Napoleon.

Later, “four young porkers in the front row said shrill squeaks of disapproval, and all 4 of them sprang to their feet simultaneously. However suddenly the dogs sitting round Napoleon let out deep, enormous roars, and the pigs fell quiet at once” (Orwell, 72.) The dogs were Napoleon’s individual Gestapo.

The sheep also assisted monitor and interfere in any kind of opposition. Whenever Snowball would make a speech to awaken support for himself and versus Napoleon, the sheep would start bleating so loudly that the others might not hear, their refrain of “4 legs great, two legs bad” (Orwell, 51). Lastly the pig Squealer was utilized to influence the animals’ opinions on things that Napoleon really desired.

Squealer is referred to as being an unbelievable persuasive speaker. Accompanied by pets, Squealers is sent to release the orders and commands of Napoleon. It is even Squealer who leads the animals to think that the windmill was Napoleon’s, not Snowball’s, idea. “He had actually seemed to oppose the windmill simple as a maneuver to get rid of Snowball who was a dangerous character and a bad influence” discusses Squealer (Orwell, 71).

In addition to utilizing a few of the more manipulative animals to continue his plans, Napoleon also takes advantage of the less sensible animals in the barnyard. He basically utilizes techniques to modify the political structure of the barnyard and to accept that Snowball was the instigator of all problem. “Associates, he do you understand who is accountable for this? Do you know the enemy who has can be found in the night and overthrown our windmill? SNOWBALL!” (Orwell, 52). Naturally the animals blindly accept this.

After ousting Snowball, the next action in this procession was the adoption of the 7 Rules. Since the majority of the animals could not check out at all, or could not read well, they were not very thinking about these rules. Generally, Snowball lowers it to the phrase “Four legs excellent, 2 legs bad.”

Nevertheless, Napoleon modifies the Rules to first allow pigs to sleep in beds (just without sheets). He continues to customize the rules till they are minimized to one, “All animals are created equivalent, and some are more equivalent than others.” Naturally, at this point, the propaganda has worked.

Napoleon has actually managed to alter the structure of the farm in other ways. He takes the young from their parents to indoctrinate them much in his method just. He systematically carries out those who help Snowball or who oppose him. He abolishes meetings and committees in favor of his own proclamations provided forth by the orator Squealer.

Pretty soon, no one remembers the excellent old days, other than a couple of old timers. The farm runs effectively so no one makes waves. In this way, Napoleon is following the path of numerous of our history’s totalitarians. Even the animals have required to calling him “Our leader, Associate Napoleon” or “Father of all Animals.” Through his megalomania, usury and hoax, Napoleon increases to god-like status on the animal farm.

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